11 Tips for a Small Kitchen

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11 tips for a small kitchen

Miranda has moved into an old house with a tiny kitchen. Over the past few months she has found a few ways to make a small kitchen workable.

1. Pre-chop the basics.

When you have time and space, cut up and freeze things like onions. This means you don’t need bench space to chop items for every meal.

2. Temporarily expand your counter space.

Make extra bench space by putting a cutting board on the oven elements.

via Kitchn

via The Kitchn 

3. Skip the washing.

Use tin foil to cover oven trays so you don’t have to wash them every time.

4. Get creative.

Find a small dish rack, even consider things that are not a dish rack, it’s essential to keep the benches clear. I use a plate display rack.

5. Rack it up.

Install racks on the insides of cabinet doors to hold cans, or a wire rack on the cabinet door under the sink to hold rubbish bags and other items.

6. Get stacking.

Take advantage of available space by placing extra shelves or plate stackers in cabinets and cupboards. You can find cheap stackers at op shops.

7. Buy smaller appliances.

I got a blender and chopper from Kmart, and they are tiny.

8. Use your wall space.

Hang utensils on magnets or hooks near the stove. I have a small wall above the oven that is perfect for hanging spatulas.

Hanging Utensils

via Not Martha

9. Moveable counter space.

A rolling cart or pull out bench can give you more counter space. I just attached wheels to a small stool, it works great.

10. Work the walls.

We put up open shelves on a blank wall and use it for plates and cups storage.

open shelves

via Houzz 

11. Clean as you go.

My partner has a habit of putting dirty dishes in the sink, leaving it unavailable  for anything else. If you wash dishes as you prepare a meal, it keeps the bench space free and cuts down on cleanup.

Do you have any other surefire tips for cooking in a small kitchen?

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Miranda Likeman has been every kind of journalist you could name. At present she writes mostly about fashion and beauty, subjects on which she has much experience, but not in a stuffy inaccessible way. She loves a bargain and making the affordable look expensive.

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