A social media purge – a study in frustration

| April 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Miranda Likeman

Recently I got annoyed by my Facebook news feed. I was being advertised to by people I don’t remember agreeing to LIKE, old friends, exes and clients’ status updates annoyed me, especially if they owed me money and were blatantly bragging about buying an expensive phone, getting married or going on a holiday. Seeing what people were up to and connecting with family overseas has become a case of wading through, getting more frustrated with each moment. Eventually I stopped reading.

Then I thought, why not do a purge? Get my list of friends down to people I actually wanted to hear from. It can’t be that hard, as much as trying to unfriend people on my iPad (a gift from my family) was like being on the Krypton Factor. So, I opened my old fashioned computer and got to work. But it was not as easy as it seemed, and comments on how to do it better are much appreciated!

Image: Cathy Thorne – www.everydaypeoplecartoons.com

STARTED WITH: 379 friends

FRIENDS: Opened my list of friends. They were listed in order of people I had recent contact with, so I moved to the bottom, letting FB refresh at the bottom of each page. I examined each friend and deciding on the merits of remaining in touch with them. Were they family? Would I need their contact in the future? Did I even know who they WERE? If they were to go, I unticked the FRIENDS button, and either categorised or unfriended them. I tried to unfriend a couple of people several times, but it did not refresh or unfriend them. So I went into their profile, clicked on the FRIENDS button and unfriended them from there, and some I settled for unticking SHOW IN NEWSFEEDS. Doing this made me jump through a few hoops, but I was finally free of them – but then FB took me back to the top of my friends page to the people I contact most of all. Why isn’t there an easy way to do this?

NOTES: Did I really need The 68th annual Golden Globes- nominees and my picks or Save the Onehunga Train Track Kittens? No. But clicking on the pencil in the corner did not let me delete them. For MY NOTES, click on the actual note until it goes into the coding like page, scroll to the bottom and hit delete. For NOTES ABOUT YOU, go into the actual note and click UNFOLLOW THIS POST.. For some reason this doesn’t remove the notes.

At this point I got bored. It is a signifier of the modern age that I spent 10 minutes before deciding my time was worth more. Tips anyone?

ENDED WITH: 378 friends

Miranda Likeman has been every kind of journalist you could name. At present she writes mostly about fashion and beauty, subjects on which she has much experience, but not in a stuffy inaccessible way. She loves a bargain and making the affordable look expensive.

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