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La Donna Moderna

La Donna Moderna, which in italian means “The Modern Woman”, (LDM) is a women’s lifestyle blog founded in 2012 by two friends Bex and Nicky who later handed the reins over to Tracey in March 2016.

Tracey plans to continue to delve into subjects that surround the modern woman and hopes to engage and inspire along the way.

On LDM you will read about our lives, including the ups and downs of family life but we also love to review and highlight awesome products and services, giving the modern woman a ‘heads up’ on what is really hot right now and where she can go to find the stuff that she will really love.

LDM is also a place with great competitions – prizes that the modern woman will just love to win.  We aim to continually add to our website, innovative products and fabulous services through our reviews on the website and also through our Facebook page.

We’d love for you to join us!

If you want to find out how you can work with us then please contact us today or email Tracey for a media kit.
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Who is LDM?


Tracey Sandford Dyke

Tracey has spent most of her life working in and around the textiles & interior design industries and most recently designed, developed and sourced home wares products for large retailers.  This has seen her travel the world in search of inspiration, new ideas and concepts, meeting all sorts of lively people along the way.   She has lived many years in Sydney but currently resides in Auckland.  Her career interests extend to a love of renovating, design, art, travel, music, writing and sharing time with her family and dog Oscar.

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