Believe in the Impossible

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Believe in the Impossible

Now that you have a clear idea about what you want and have started using some of the tools to get there, like creating a vision board and practicing gratitude daily … now you need to FOCUS.  Believe that the impossible is possible. Believe that it is not only possible, it is PROBABLE.  Have faith, that somehow, the Universe will find a way to give you what you desire.  Do not try and work out how, as this can lead to doubt.  Set your desires out to the Universe and let the Universe work that out.

nelson mandela

Once I start asking the Universe for signs, they seem to appear, and confirm that my belief is warranted and therefore making my faith even stronger than before.

Never give up, even when all seems lost.  It may be at that moment when an opportunity arises that will change your life forever. Stomp out the thoughts of failure and simply believe that some how, some way, the Universe will provide you with all that you desire (and probably more).

Whenever I think about faith or investing energy into believing in something good, I can physically feel a change within my body.  If nothing else, I think belief or faith is critical to living a good and happy life.

“We are all searching for something to believe in, why not make it something good” La Donna Moderna

This is the last of our posts and we really do hope they have been helpful to you.  Remember you can view the summary post How to Create the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of, to make sure you are trying to do all you can to live a happy and fulfilling life … it really is your choice, not matter your situation, you can start changing you life TODAY.  Choose to OWN YOUR LIFE!

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