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I am currently looking at renovating the boys room at the moment so, I had a bit of a search online and these are some of the ones that have inspired me, or I found interesting in one way or another.  I will have to go for bunks, which are a nightmare to make but give much more space to the room.  Which one do you like the best?

This room is quite dark for me but I do love how each boy gets a little area of their own with the desks at each side.  Found at

This room I love because of all the spaces it creates with hidden cupboards and shelving.  I would probably go for different colours as that green isn’t my favourite but still, very cool.  Found at as is the bedroom below.  Again, another great way of having separate spaces in a shared bedroom.

This room is just WOW!  This pirate ship bedroom comes with a rope bridge, slide and top access cupboard.  My boys would just flip with a room like this.  Found at and there are loads more photos of just how amazing this room is over there.

There are so many to draw inspiration from but what I love about this one is the cupboard under the bed.  They obviously have used this as a wardrobe for clothing but could easily be used as a secret play area or hideout.  Found out

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