Celebrating Mothers … A Blast from the Past

| April 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

Those who know me, know that I am a strong advocate for girls and women of the world.  I have been part of many projects supporting women, as well as sponsoring two girls (one in Bolivia, one in Senegal) for over seven years.  I wouldn’t say I was a feminist, I would say I simply want the women of the world to be valued for the amazing creatures that we are.  To be celebrated for all they contribute to the world.  I am not a man hater … I adore my husband and my sons and feel good men should be celebrated for their strengths also.  We are different and should simply celebrate those differences to make this world wonderful.

As Mother’s Day approaches I felt like sharing one project that I started a few years back which was all about the sacrifices mothers make, the love they have for their families and the beauty which is so often overlooked.  I put together a calendar along with a team of the most amazing and talented people.  We picked twelve beautiful mothers from around New Zealand and decided to raise money for Post Natal Depression through the sale of the calendars for a great charity called Mothers Matters.  A mother’s work is so important and I feel undervalued.  If we support mums to raise confident, loving children, imagine the change in the world!

So raise a glass to MUMS!!!  I think you are awesome!!!

Below are the images from the amazing Sacrifice.Love.Beauty project.  Huge thanks to a wonderful team who helped to put this together including … Bret Lucas from Fstop Studios (head photographer), Nykie Grove-Eades from Mistral Photography (photographer/concepts/design), Vanessa Laval-Glad from Indigo Moon Productions (videographer), Sandy Cutts (hairdresser), Tania Houghton (make-up), Ceara Prout (administration) … plus loads more!  Let us not forget the amazing mums who looked stunning … you will always be my calendar girls … lots of love to you all! (Bex)


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  1. Ceara says:

    One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, the best project I’ve ever been involved in, Bex you have to do another one day!! Love to all the calendar Mums and their beautiful children 🙂

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