Change Your Perspective

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change your persepctive

This sounds simple but in reality it can be very hard to do.

The Tiny Buddha says changing one’s perspectives is like changing the window through which you view the world, and it really is so true.

Practicing mindfulness and/or meditation is one way that can really help start to change your perspective.

I learned about mindfulness when I was on my journey out of mental illness.  As a group, each week, we would start off our sessions with five minutes of mindfulness.  Something would be placed on a table and we would look at it, without judgements.  For example, if it was a plant, we could say(in our mind) the colour of the plant, the size of it, the colour of the pot, what sort of plant it was etc … just the facts.   It really seemed silly at the start and a bit pointless, but it taught me about accepting things, just as they are.  It taught me to focus my mind on just one thing.  Soon, I was able to do this with lots of things when I got overwhelmed and needed to quiet my mind.

Learning to simply label things as they are, without judgements, can put things into a more logical way to process.  We can be so quick to automatically judge a situation and leap straight away to a set train of thoughts.  Initially, just starting to notice how you are thinking, observing yourself reacting to situations is a huge step to changing those thought patterns and in turn, changing your perspective to one which improves your life and not one that damages it.

Colouring in has shown to be a really effective mindfulness task.  Click here to download your FREE colouring in sample that is featured in our gratitude journal.

I guess it is like the saying, do you see your glass half empty or half full.  In any situation, you can look at it in a negative or positive way and it is up to you to decide which way you will go.

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Now that you are starting to change the way you think, let’s Find Inspiration in our next post.

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