Colour In The Kitchen

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We have been in our new house for over a year now and it makes me realise the old saying of “time flies when you are having fun” sure is true! Much fun has been had settling into our new community, friends made, teams joined… BBQs on the deck and wine, plenty of wine.

One thing we haven’t done is make any changes. Any extra money has been spent dealing with roof maintenance, the extra cost of running a bigger house, cost of commuting further to work for my husband… that bit is not so much fun!

The house is great, we love it, but it needs updating. Mostly a bit of a paint job to spruce things up, that bit’s easy once we get the time, but the main thing we need to sort out is the kitchen.

The hub and centre of the house our kitchen overlooks the main dining/family area, as well as the second living room, come playroom. It needs some tender loving care as cupboards are falling off hinges, the sink has a tiny hole (!) in it and leaks, the dishwasher has broken down, the oven burns everything and we miss cooking on gas, not to mention it is lovely 80s beige!

So I have been dreaming and pinning kitchens, and the more I search the more colour I see. I’m not sure I am so brave as to go full on colour with my own kitchen but some of these really are fun.

Take a look and tell me what you think…

kitchen colour
Styling: Leeanne Yare | Image: Larnie Nicholson

colour in the kitchen
Image: Canadian House & Home

colour in the kitchen
Image: Jake Curtis

colour in the kitchen
Image: French By Design

colour in the kitchen
Image: Valencia Mindfulness Retreat

colour in the kitchen
Image: Jody D’arcy

colour in the kitchen
Image: Inspiratie voor je Interieur

colour in the kitchen
Image: Sawyer Berson

colour in the kitchen
Image: Lonny

colour in the kitchen

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