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| July 20, 2015 | 2 Comments

vision board

A powerful tool to help you get the things you want.
Owning your life and being clear about what you want is the key.

A vision board helps remind you, on a daily basis, of that clear vision.  It also helps you to become more aware of the opportunities that present themselves to you, to help to work towards manifesting all that you want.

The act of creative visualisation is such an important one when you are on your journey to your dream life. There are numerous scientific studies about how visualising what you want can have a significant impact in your physical world as well. For example: professional athletes who visualise their training, how their muscles work when they train, how they feel when they win… visualising it in their minds can have as much, if not more, of an impact on their end result than if they trained 100% of the time with no visualising.

Using this as a tool can have an impact on your life too.

Ever noticed when something is happening to you that you are more conscious of it around you… you see examples of it everywhere. When you are pregnant, you suddenly see pregnant women EVERYWHERE! You can use this unique power to manifest the things in your life you want to happen. Put them on your vision board and coincidences and opportunities will start to happen for you. Opportunities that you are more aware of now and able to take advantage of because you SEE them.

Visualise them happening as if they already have and watch them start to manifest in your physical life as well.

This is such an important step to take and we have made it easy by offering a template vision board to get you started.

Not only can we send out to you a printed A2 vision board (or you can download it and get it printed yourself) we have also included a sheet of words that you might wish to use on your board. Simply cut out the ones that apply to you and paste them onto your board.

vision board


Next spend some time on Pinterest or if you have magazines, cut out and paste images of the things you wish to manifest.  Get creative, really invest some time into this process.

Nicky designed up a sample for you to see below:

vision board

Once you have added all your words and images onto the vision board, put it up somewhere that you will see it every day, if you can.  It will still work if you have to keep it hidden though.  I forgot about mine as I had it up in a room separate from my house, yet I still have manifested so many of the things on it.

To purchase the printed poster, simply click on the image above and we will send it to you – who doesn’t love a package in the mail!

But if you prefer the printable version to download and print for yourself, purchase via the button below.

vision board

Be sure to share your vision boards with us.
We would so LOVE to see them.

hold the vision trust the process

Next in our ‘Own Your Life‘ series … Practicing Gratitude Daily.

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  1. Corrine says:

    I love these! I have a half-finished (oops) inspiration board that I seriously need to get finishing and then hung, because I love having something inspirational and pretty to look at each day, and honestly? From past experiences, the dreams that I’ve filled them with? They’ve almost all come true!

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