DIY: 3 Steps to an Awesome Rustic Dining Table

| July 23, 2014 | 6 Comments

rustic dining table

The kids went back to school and kindy yesterday and I should have been working but instead I made a table!

Isn’t it amazing the things we will do to avoid work.

I have been coveting a rustic dining table for some time and have had my eye on Trademe hoping for a bargain to show itself as I had a budget of $0.00 as my husband didn’t think we needed a new one. Ha!

So after a session on Pinterest and coming across this post on the blog Creatures Comfort I did some research and low and behold I found out you can in fact get IKEA trestle legs in New Zealand, via the awesome My Flat Pack in Newmarket.

So yesterday after I dropped the kids off, instead of heading home to my office, off I trundled to My Flat Pack. You can purchase the Lerberg Trestle legs via their website but I like to see things in the flesh before I buy. When I arrived there was a sign up saying they weren’t open until 1pm due to shop rearrangement!! Argh! But the guy inside must have seen the disappointment on my face and came to let me in to have a nosy.

2 x trestle legs purchased and I got all gungho and was like “Right! It’s now or never, I’m gonna do this!” so next stop was Mitre 10 Mega on the way home.

For my table top I purchased:
5 x 1.8m length pine boards (180mm wide x 19mm thick)
3 x 0.9m length planks (60mm wide x 19mm thick)
1 x 250ml can of “Kauri” Colourwood stain
and I already had some screws that were about 25mm long and some liquid nails that would do the trick to join my boards together plus some left over Monocel clear satin varnish to protect the finished product.

So then in 3 easy steps I built my table…

Step 1

I lined up all my boards, the side I liked facing down, I decided they were a bit long so cut them down with the scary electric saw to 1.6m.


Step 2

Then I attached the 3 planks – one in the middle and one on each end approx 200mm from the edge, by drilling holes (2 per board), adding some liquid nails, then screwing them all together.


Step 3

Sand and stain! As my cutting was a bit rough my finished boards were all slightly different lengths so I sanded them down with the electric sander and rounded off the edges and rough bits all over. Also as I wanted the table top to be a little rustic I got the kids to help me rough it up a little with a few dents and scratches.

I then applied the Colourwood stain and once that was dry I applied a coat of Monocel clear satin stain to protect it a little from everyday use.


With all of the above plus the trestle legs it cost around $300. Yes, I know I had a budget of zero, but there was no stopping me once I got the idea into my head and considering how much it would cost to buy something similar I still think it was a bargain.


Rustic Dining Table

What do you do when you are procrastinating?


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  1. Gillian Nash says:

    Wow that’s fab well done you!! Looks brill and way cheaper than anything you could buy! Good job 🙂

  2. janine says:

    Wow Nicky this is awesome, you’ve inspired me to do something like this over the summer for out hut getaway space near the beach. Very simple instructions I think I can even follow!

    • Nicky says:

      It really is simple! I was hoping to find some old timber I could recycle for that extra rustic feel, but plain pine works fine.

  3. Bailey says:

    Wow. Awesome. I am totally going to do this! Out of curiosity how much wait can the trestle legs handle. I want to make a longer table say 2m. Do you think it would still work?

    • Tracey says:

      Hi there
      Thanks for posting. Not 100% sure of weight as I don’t know what is going on top, but it will be about the right placement of the trestles and checking with the hardware store on what weight each trestle can handle. Send us a pic on facebook when you’ve completed your project! Cheers Tracey

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