Fancy a visit from the MILKMAN?

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My oldest son has beautiful flaming red hair. My husband and I do not. My hubby likes to joke with people when they ask where “it” comes from by saying the milkman had red hair… bada boom cha!

With Father’s Day coming up we thought we’d better have a giveaway for the dad’s, husband’s, partner’s in your lives and what better than an awesome pair of undies! MILKMAN undies to be precise, from the fabulous makers of HOTMilk Lingerie.


With the tag line “Delivering daily where it matters most” MILKMAN pride themselves on their superior support system. The unique MILKMAN Wishbone™ design (above) gently lifts and holds your mans package without the use of restrictive elastic straps and pouches that other support jocks require. The support technology is built right into the soft cotton fabric design. So your partner will feel like he is being held… What?!

Yep you read right!

Along with the Wishbone™ design, other styles are called Hardman, Ribbed for Her Pleasure, Monochrome and Retro Vision.

milk4 milk3 milk2 milk5

You can find out more about MILKMAN undies on their website or Facebook page, and they are currently running a sale.

OR if you fancy your chances you can be in to win some for your guy. We have 2 pairs to give away to 3 lucky readers (that’s 2 pairs for each winner!). We have 1 set of size Large and 2 sets of size Medium, so please let us know what size you prefer.

How To Enter:

Simply comment below how your partner is supportive to you and in return you can win a prize that will be supportive to him! And don’t forget to mention the preferred size.

Competition will end on Friday August 16, 2013 at 8pm. Winners will be contacted via the email supplied with your comment and announced on the website within 24 hours of the competition ending.

Open to New Zealand residents only.

Good Luck!


The winners are: Raven, Amanda F and Tina Lyford.
Congratulations! You have all been notified on the email you entered with. Please respond to claim your prize.

*Disclaimer: LDM can not in any way guarantee that your man will look like the above samples while wearing MILKMAN undies. Individual results may vary!

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Comments (31)

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  1. Amelia Riwai says:

    Coming home from work just a few minutes early so I can get to my pilates class and he can take over the kiddie wrangling!
    Size large please

  2. Cindy Kane says:

    My man is extremely supportive where he has taken on the roll of “Dad” to my 2 children and is also a fantastic dad to my stepdaugher and to our baby. He is coach of my son’s rugby league and he works so incredibly hard – 80 hours a week to provide for everyone. He seriously is amazing.

  3. Rebekah Taylor says:

    Our daughter has multiple medical issues which really require us both to ‘tag team’ it, but even so, with his job as a shift worker, he goes that extra step and on his night shifts and days off he loves to drop her off and pick her up from school, and in the holidays he takes he on ‘daddy dates’ to the movies which gives me some mummy time, even though he could just as easily go to the gym, or the pub!

  4. Brenda Meech says:

    Since having double hand surgery in the last 18 months, my man has been colouring my hair for me.
    He is such a perfectionist, he spends absolute ages on it.
    When I try & thank him, he just shrugs it off and says “it’s only like painting any other roof, prime and coat well”
    His size is XL just like his heart, bless him xx

  5. Rebecca Balmer says:

    My husband is so supportive both verbally and helpfully haha! He helps with the cleaning up and baths and dresses the kids every night so I can have a sanity break! Also he is GREAT at massaging!!

    Size M please!!

  6. Tamara Barnett says:

    My husband is down right amazing! He’s fantastic with our two little ones. we recently lost a baby and he has been truly thoughtful in every way ( with most manly men we know this is hard !) he has made sure I am looked after and supported throughout the day and night.I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful man 🙂 Size medium would be perfect on his hot bod! 🙂

  7. Theresa te whaiti says:

    We have just had our third son and he has reflux, my husband is so good at staying home and holding baby so I can get some sleep.

  8. Belinda says:

    My son is 21 in this August and would love some medium undies – very stylish (hope he doesn’t read this)!!!

  9. Kim O says:

    My husband is an incredible hubby and dad – he supports me in many ways – encouraging me to go after my goals, cooking, cleaning, driving, organising his work around my commitments, he reads to the kids at night, packs school lunches, when he can goes on class trips, gives me ‘me time’ all the while supporting his dad, brother and other members of his family. He always offers to help others and is just wonderful. I know a lot of the things he supports me with is also vice versa with me supporting him as well – tag team but whilst being deep in the throes of Post Natal Depression it was him who loved me and sort help for me and then supported me through the healing and time it took to get well.
    Size large

  10. Margaret K says:

    My husband is a very hands on dad, and no matter how long his day’s been, gives me a foot rub every night! Size large please 🙂

  11. Erin Krebs says:

    My partner is amazing he has chronic fatigue but still does all he can to support me. He cleans the house while Im at work and gets dinner ready every night, he is always feeling very sick but always gives me lots of time & hugs

    Would love to win him size Medium please 🙂

  12. Kylie Wallace says:

    I suffer from depression and anxiety, and my partner of six years has always gone above and beyond to support. He accepts me for who I am and loves me unconditionally. His patience and ability to find the best in a bad situation, inspires me every single day. From picking me a flower to making me my favourite dinner when he knows I am down, he has stuck by me in the darkest of times when almost everyone else has left. Despite working long hours and coming home tired, he wakes me up every night when he gets home to tell me he loves me, and to bring me home chocolate! He has the sweetest heart and never asks for anything. Best guy ever!
    Size XL please 😀

  13. Michelle West says:

    Wow he is our rock… He works full time so I can be a full time mummy to our 2 little girls… and then he comes back and does whatever he can to help us and enjoy every second he can with the kids. We are so lucky.

    Would love to win him size Medium please

  14. hazel richards says:

    i feel so lucky to have such an amazing hubby ,we have been through so much together in the last 10years- more recently he was there for me when i became bedridden with m.e, he bakes & cooks for our little family every night & is such an amazing father to our 2children. he would love size medium.thank you

  15. Emma Ranson says:

    My fiance is incredibly supportive of me while i am a at home mum and also studying to become waikatos first doula. He works full time while also trying to start up his own engineering business. He never complains and works his ‘bum’ off every single day in his lunch breaks, morning and afternoon teas still working to get his family ahead. we are also moving alot of things to a new premises and planning our wedding for feb but never a complaint comes out of his mouth, he always makes sure we are happy first

  16. Carole says:

    I have suffered from a chronic illness four years in to our marriage we’ve been married 22 years this coming Sunday throughout that time my hubby has been my rock cheering me up when I’m down,helping out when I’m unable to,I cannot imagine my life without his continuous love and care,I would love to present him with these, a little something in return for all his efforts.

  17. Andrea Hinrichsen says:

    My husband has been extremely supportive during my years of tertiary education: he deserves a treat! Cheers

  18. Nikki S says:

    Mine kicks my butt out the door if Im feeling too lazy to go to the gym. He knows how fantastic I feel after a great work out. without him giving me the motivation to get out the door i dont think i would go most days. I love him and his large size undies

  19. Raven says:

    My husband literally supported me when I was made redundant and helped boost my flagging self-esteem by being there for me no matter what. Size Medium please

  20. Rosie says:

    Hubby is a massive supporter to me. He cooks dinner whenever he can, coaches our son & his class in gymnastics & is deliberately self-employed so he can spend more time with our family 🙂
    Size Large please

  21. emily says:

    My man is super supportive. He not only looks after me n his three girls but he also has let his sister live with us shes 22 but thier dad hasnt been around since she was born. He works his butt off and comes home to the madness everyday with his calmness and after what has been a rough year for us he puts a smile on gets up and carries on. I would give anything for him to get something special for himself

  22. Amanda F says:

    Just generally being there when I’ve had a shit day, just holding me makes all my worries go away 🙂 & Medium

  23. Tina Lyford says:

    My husband is supportive to me by just being there when I need him. Helping with the kids. Letting me have ‘me’ time out with my friends or going to the Gym. Helping with chores and cooking meals. He deserves a nice pair of undies in size Large please 🙂

  24. Sherri Hughes says:

    My fiance is supportive in many ways, but one thing stands out in particular. He knew I needed a new car before our baby was born as he didn’t want me driving our little one around in a small old car so he started working overtime every Saturday for about 40 weeks saving all his Saturday pay to buy me a newer, more reliable car!

  25. chris brabant says:

    She brightens my day just by listening and being there, might sound simple but when thats all it takes you know how special they are !

  26. Karen Schou says:

    My hubby is amazing, helping with the kids all the time, ferrying them around, being there for me and the family, he is wonderful just like all the partners in the comments above are, we are all lucky 🙂

  27. Kelsey Feisst says:

    My partner is supportive in a lot of ways that I appreciate a lot. I love it when he cooks us dinner when I am too tired some nights. He tells me to put my feet up and makes a little bed on the couch for me and lets me have a little snooze while he cooks, its so nice.

  28. Aimee says:

    My Hubby is SUPERMAN in my eyes. He works long hours in a really demanding job, then comes home and takes over with our very energetic 15mo DD so I can rest my wary, pregnant body. Hubby often works 60+ hours a week (incl weekends) to bring in extra $$ so that I can be a stay at home mum.
    He definitely deserves a little ‘extra support’ 🙂
    Size L please.

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