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Wow Friday comes around FAST! We are SOOO busy here at LDM with our projects over at Me Inc. that I forgot to blog ALL WEEK!! But never fear we still have our featured blogger… 


Blogger: Carmen Huter
Genre: Fashion/Travel

Carmen Huter

What is the story behind how you came to be a blogger?
Halfway through last year, I got asked what I wanted to do with my life. What was the change I wanted to make? I didn’t answer straight away but once I had it figured out there was no looking back. I want to inspire my readers to be the best version of themselves, to never stop learning and growing. I believe that travelling the world and embracing fashion is a path to rich fulfilment and a great outlet for creativity. This is why I created carmenhuter.com 🙂

Where do you go or what do you do to get inspiration for your blog?
The world is my inspiration. Whether it is on my travels, or while I finish off my uni degree here in Christchurch, the people I meet, the places I go, the sunrise that fills the sky pink, the meal I share with my friends on a night out – it is all inspiring.

Carmen Huter
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt and how has it shaped you?
The biggest lesson I have learnt is to always be true to yourself and to never give up. I know these are technically two lessons but I feel like by combining these two we can all achieve great things.

What one piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?
Ask yourself, what difference do you want to make in your reader’s lives? Sorted. 🙂 Oh, and also, never compromise quality.

Name some of the bloggers that you look up to and why?
The first blog I have ever come across years ago was A Woman A Life A Blog – it intrigued me and I kept on going back. Currently, I can’t go without my style icon Olivia Palermo and I have a ton of other ones bookmarked but they honestly change all the time. I love anything that is different, makes me laugh and is beautifully produced.

What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
What I’ll eat next? haha I love food. No, anything really. On a side note, I don’t actually have a car. I have a bright red Vespa which makes me want to move to Italy every morning I ride to uni. 🙂

What song is your personal anthem?
Today it is “Are you with me” by Lost Frequencies. It makes me want to dance on a beach ‘neath the Mexican sky right now…

Carmen Huter
If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?
A vegan feast. I love Vietnamese cuisine and my fresh spring rolls are seriously delicious.

In the movie of your life, who would play you?
Angelina Jolie. But by the time it’s worth making a movie about my life, it will probably require an actress who isn’t born yet.

Where is your happy place, and why?
On a beach, on top of a mountain – somewhere outdoors that makes me feel free.

How would you describe your personal style?
Moody and colourful at the same time. Simple. Different. Depends on the day 🙂

What is the last thing that made you say ‘wow’?
The first mouthful of an amazing Indian dinner I had a couple of hours ago.

What is your wish for the future?
Health and Happiness.

Carmen Huter

Follow Carmen here:

Website: www.carmenhuter.com
Facebook: @carmenhuter
Instagram: @carmenhuter
Pinterest: @carmenhuter


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