Why Do I Feel So Guilty?

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What is with the Mummy guilt? Why can’t we just do something that is for US without the feeling that we SHOULD be doing something else? Being somewhere else?

MOMMY guilt


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Why do I feel so guilty all the time?

I know I am not alone. Mummy guilt is a thing!

I keep seeing signs all around me. Signs that are making me think twice about my guilt. Signs that make me want to stop the guilt!!

I went to a women’s business networking event last night and happened to sit next to a lady who’s own business is aimed at helping busy mums, who don’t have “time” for themselves, to find wellness solutions . She fits in around your life and makes it happen, she gets to the root of the problem which is often not about dieting or nutrition but an underlying GUILT that spending time doing something for them is a luxury rather than a necessity.

It is a necessity people!

I recently started seeing a therapist due to my own feelings of overwhelm… in my personal and business life. The message that kept coming up… GUILT! It was a bit confronting to realise exactly how much guilt I have and how much it is affecting EVERYTHING I do (or don’t do!).

Type “Mummy guilt” into Google and see how many results come up…

F**k I feel so guilty just writing this post when I SHOULD be doing other things.

The TOP 5 things I feel guilty about today

1. Sleeping in so it was a mad dash out the door for school, even though I was having a lovely snuggle with my 4 year old who was distraught last night that I went out.

2. That my husband had such a bad night last night, when he had to get up super early for a work trip, because I actually went out.

3. The washing… just because!

4. The procrastination of committing to a much wanted trip home (to Australia) later in the year because the flights are so expensive (like they are going to get cheaper if I wait!)

5. Writing this post when I should be doing work for my paying business!

Looks silly when you write it all down!

So this is me making a conscious effort to STOP. It ain’t going to be easy I can tell you that now. But it has to happen or I will slowly go mad!


The view from my office window as I write this... my little Fantail friend.

Are you a guilt sufferer? How do you combat the guilt?

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