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find inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, if you only take the time to look.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest going through uplifting quotes and I follow lots of positive role models and pages on Facebook.  I decided to allow in the positive and uplifting as much as possible and, following on from that, I stopped following pages on Facebook that were negative or made me feel bad.

Inspirational Prints

Inspiration is literally everywhere if you want to see it.  When I get the chance I will hop in the spa with my husband late at night and look up at the stars.  This inspires me so much.  I feel so grateful about my life, a life so small in this huge Universe, yet I am able to make a positive difference to others.  I feel connected with the Universe and I feel so good in my soul.

I have a little blackboard up in my kitchen that I write inspiring words that I change regularly. Whenever I am in the kitchen I get to be reminded of how amazing life is.

Put up quotes in your home that help to create that spark within you. When inspired it really is amazing what you can achieve.

Watching uplifting movies or YouTube clips is another great way to get inspiration.  I will re-watch movies like ‘What the Bleep‘ or ‘The Secret‘ to really get in tune with the Law of Attraction and the science behind it.  Ted Talks are another great thing to watch on YouTube that can fill you with inspiration to follow your dreams.

You can buy your own set of LDM Inspiration Cards here – a gorgeous set of 6 postcards that are also available as A4 Prints in our shop.

inspirationalcards3 Inspiration Cards

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