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You can forgive all those that have caused you pain, either directly to them, or just by simply forgiving them within your own heart.

Either way, the result is the same.  You are releasing the negative energy from within you. When you hold on to anger and resentment towards others, you in turn attract that sort of energy into your life.  This is a hard one to do, so we have some tips to help make this one easier to achieve.

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Most of us have been hurt by someone at some point in our life.  It is easy to hold on to that pain with anger and resentment but it only hurts us more and usually leads us to acting out in negative ways to others.  I have felt a lot of pain recently, but realize that I myself have probably caused others pain at some point, usually unintentionally and so perhaps, a lot of the pain and hurt that I have felt has probably also been caused without intention to do so.  Knowing this makes forgiving a lot easier.

We are all just trying to do our best but inevitably we can cause upset to others simply by being ourselves.  I realize that now and so I decided to really try and let go.  To forgive in my heart and to move on.

Some tips to help you forgive

1. Forgiving doesn’t mean you have to become friends again with someone who hurt you.  You can simply change how you choose to process that situation that happened, into one that no longer aims to hurt you any more.

2. Remember, we are all human and we ALL make mistakes from time to time – this can be very helpful in the process of forgiveness.

“The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

Mahatma Gandhi

3. Stop thinking about the event or person.  Every time it comes up, change your thinking to something else.  No longer give time to the hurt.

4. Usually we are hurt by people we love or respect and so if we try and remember what we like about them, their good qualities, forgiveness is easier.

5. Send them love when you think of them and melt away the pain.

Our next blog is about … Changing Your Perspective.

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  1. Emma says:

    *breathes* Thank you for this timely reminder. I am trying my very best to let go as I know it’s only me who suffers the consequences of holding on. So hard when the cause keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Must go do something mindful now 🙂

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