Goodbye Daggy Mum – Ketz-ke Saved Me!

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Chill is finally in the air! Winter has been a bit slow to arrive but the Bloomin range from Ketz-ke is available now and it is literally saving me from the ‘daggy’ mum that I was becoming.  I swore when I had kids that I didn’t want to let myself go, but sadly running around after three little ones there isn’t much time left for me.  That is where Ketz-ke comes to the rescue.  Instead of popping on my way-to-big trackies and a loose tee that really made me look terrible, I now can slip into some Ketz-ke and look stylish whilst not losing out on comfort.  That is one of the reasons I totally love Ketz-ke.  Every Ketz-ke item in my wardrobe it totally thrashed because I love wearing them.  PLUS they stand up to being worn constantly too!  Total value for money.  I love the Winter ‘Bloomin Lovely’ range but make sure you check out their essentials range as well.  You will wished you had found them sooner.  Remember if you can’t see your size make an enquiry as we can direct you to the closest retailer that brought it!

Check it out here


Plus spotted today more Ketz-ke awesomeness …. oh dear, better get saving because I will need more Ketz-ke in my life with Summer not too far away … I definitely want some of these items!!

Be sure to keep up to date and watch out for giveaways on their facebook page too ….


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