Guilt Free Shopping … well almost!

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This is a sponsored post for NZ Sale.

Hands up who likes to go shopping. *waves hands in the air*

Hands up who feels guilty about spending money. *slowly raises hand*

If you are anything like me (a mum, working from home part-time, earning, well, not much) then no longer having a disposable income can, well to put it bluntly, f**k with your head a little.


I got my first job at the ripe old age of 15 in my Dad and Step-Mum’s video shop and soon learnt that earning my own money came with numerous advantages. I had school friends who could always afford the latest fashions, tickets to the movies, a milkshake after school in the city, who lived in large houses in the best suburbs. My sister and I lived with our Mum in a small apartment, and we’d get pocket money but “not enough” to do all the things we wanted to do to keep up with our friends, so being able to earn my own money well it was a revelation!

So all those years pre-children, let’s count them – 20 YEARS! I was earning a good salary, a wage that was MINE.

So when I was made redundant when I was pregnant (yes, hideous experience that taught me a lot about people but that’s another story) I suddenly had no income to call my own. What a shock to the system! Don’t get me wrong my husband is all kinds of supportive, but there is a certain something that makes me feel incredibly guilty about spending money. I know I am not doing much for women’s rights here and yes I run the household, look after the kids etc. etc.

BUT it does f**k with your mind a little that it doesn’t feel right to have a little spending spree every now and again. Even though I TOTALLY DESERVE IT. At least once in a while, right?!

So I have this system where I try to stick to sales, go shopping at the end of the season when the bargains are to be had. This dulls the spending pain somewhat. So when contacted me about reviewing their website I didn’t have to be asked twice.

This is where the “Guilt Free” comes in.

NZ Sale is well, forever on sale, and who can resist a sale! It is New Zealand’s exclusive members-only online shopping club and members receive (via email) updates on the latest sales for men, women, kids, home, beauty, wine and more – at up to 80% off retail. SAY WHAT?!

guilt free shopping

Each day, members receive a notification of all sales that are due to start that day. Sales start every day, seven days a week, they last from  1 – 3 days and because of the awesome prices it is not unusual for things to sell out in 48 hours.

NZ Sale can offer such great bargains as they negotiate with the brands they work with to send through all purchased stock to one of their international warehouses saving added costs. Their average delivery time as a result is up to 21 days from the sales event ending – however this is dependent on where the goods are sourced, but at up to 80% off for brands from all over the world, I sure don’t mind waiting. Plus you can track what is happening with your order via the website, and even though my order came in three separate packages I only paid one shipping fee.

guilt free shopping guilt free shopping

In my first “spree” I picked up some great items, including a pair of Havaianas that were $20 on NZ Sale. I have not seen these for less than twice that in some other stores. If I’d had more time before my recent trip to Australia for a wedding I would have sourced my shoes from here for sure!

I also purchased some very good quality new swim shorts for the boys, both with sharks on them, so sure to be a hit, plus some Roxy swimmers for myself, amongst a few other things.

Did I also mention it’s FREE to join? Oh and if you invite your friends to join then you get a $20 voucher when they make a purchase. Winning.

So get shopping!

Any guilty pleasures you want to share?

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