Homeschool Crafts – Paper Bird

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Homeschool Crafts – Paper Bird

Ollie has just started learning to read and this week’s book was all about how to make a paper bird so I thought we would share it with you too.  It is super easy.  All you need is some coloured paper, scissors, glue and a black felt pen.

1.  Cut a circle out of red paper and fold in half

2. Draw a wing on each side of the red paper

3. Cut out two small yellow circles and then draw in a black pupil

4. Glue the yellow eyes onto the bird’s body

5. Cut out another circle, out of the green paper and glue on the bottom of the bird’s body as a tail

6. Cut out a triangle, out of the yellow paper and glue on as a beck

All finished!!  Let your kids have a go and show us your birds.

What did we learn today?

We learned about the parts of a bird’s body – beck, tail, wing and eyes.

We also learned about some colours today – red, green, yellow and black.

Learning to use things like scissors and glue sticks are great for Ollie and it all ties in to learning to read.  Reading isn’t just about stories.  This book was about learning to make a bird with a set of instructions.

bird5 bird4 bird3 bird2 bird


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