Homeschool Crafts – Papier-Mâché Bat

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Homeschool Crafts – Papier-Mâché Bat

This week we decided to give papiermâché a go.  Ollie decided he wanted to make some vampire bats.  I haven’t tried this since I was a little girl and couldn’t remember whether it was just a flour and water paste or something else.  I remember something similar to wallpaper paste being mixed up when I was at school but couldn’t remember exactly.  We had some wood glue in the cupboard so we decided just to water it down and use that instead.

To cut down the amount of gluing required, I made the bulk of the body and just taped it into shape first and then we cut the wings and ears out of cardboard.

Ollie loved getting all sticky which was great as having autism can mean sensory overload at times, so exposing him to these sorts of messy jobs is a great way to learn.

Once we had covered all the tape we let it dry for a few days and then Ollie got to paint the bats, which I think he loved the most.

We just hung them up with some string above his bed after taking them in to kindy to show all the kids how clever he was.  Ollie was super proud!

bat6 bat5 bat4 bat3 bat2 bat




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