How to Create the Life You Always Dreamed of!

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This is a summary of how to create the life you have always dreamed of!  Each section can be delved into deeper by following each link and they have helpful products, links and tips for you to really manifest fast all that you desire.

Where Am I Now?

To put it simply LOOK at your current situation, maybe contemplate things a bit…

How did you end up here?  Is this where you want to remain?

You are where you are, because of the choices you have made, the beliefs you hold, the thoughts that flow through to actions.  Where you are now, can tell you a lot about what you need to do, to travel the path that will lead you to what you really want.

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Define Your Vision

So to create that life you have DREAMED of, you really need a clear vision of what your soul desires.

Most people do not spend any time planning how they want their life to be.

Do you know what you really want?  Do you try and make steps towards getting what you really want?

Or do you simply disregard what you want as impossible or unachievable?  Maybe you haven’t spent any time thinking about what makes your heart sing, and so when asked the question, ‘what do you really want?’, you just don’t know.

Defining your vision is about trying to work this out.  To help steer you in the right direction towards the life you really want.

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Create a Vision Board

This is a powerful tool to help you get the things you want.  To really own your life, being clear about what you want is the key.

A vision board helps remind you, on a daily basis, of that clear vision.  This also helps you to become more aware of the opportunities that present themselves to you, to help to work towards manifesting all that you want.  This is such an important step to take and we have made it easy by offering a template vision board to get you started.

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Practice Gratitude Daily

Making gratitude part of your daily life is a sure fire way of creating a happier you.  This is such a powerful tool in transforming your life.  I started a gratitude journal a few years ago and my life has changed dramatically.  My life just gets better and better.  There is so much to be grateful for, and the more you do it, the more you do it … if that makes sense.

Find out more about how this can change your entire life.

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Being generous is good for the soul but I have learned that you need to give because you want to, and not because you feel you have to.

You attract what you put out there into the world.  Giving makes me feel wonderful and hence I will attract wonderful things back into my life.  I make a point now to give whenever I can.
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You can forgive all those that have caused you pain, either directly to them, or just by simply forgiving them within your own heart.  Either way, the result is the same.  You are releasing the negative energy from within you. When you hold on to anger and resentment towards others, you in turn attract that sort of energy into your life.  This is a hard one to do, so we have some tips to help make this one easier to achieve.
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Change Your Perspective

This one sounds simple but can be very hard to do.  Practicing mindfulness and/or meditation can really help.  Starting to learn to simply label things as they are, without judgements.  Usually we are so quick to automatically judge a situation and leap straight away to a set train of thoughts.  Initially just starting to notice how you are thinking, observing yourself reacting to situations is a huge step to changing those thought patterns and in turn, changing your perspective to one which improves your life and not damage it.
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Find Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, if you only take the time to look.  Put up quotes that help you create that spark within. When inspired it really is amazing what you can achieve.
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Teach Your Children

Sharing with your family is a great thing to do.  Get your partner or children to come along on this journey with you.  They can do their own vision boards.  Setting up your children with the ideas, that they can create the life they want … what a wonderful gift to give them.
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Believe in the Impossible

Now that you have a clear idea about what you want and have started using some of the tools to get there, like a vision board, practicing gratitude daily … Now you need to FOCUS.  Believe that the impossible is possible.  Have faith, that somehow, the Universe will find a way to give you what you desire.
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