How to Define Your Vision

| July 20, 2015 | 2 Comments

vision board

Create and manifest the life of your dreams.

It is about ‘Owning Your Life’ and not simply getting through the days.  Nicky and I are both firm believers of manifesting your thoughts and we have both manifested some pretty amazing things, which I have told you a bit about in My Manifesting Journey.

First up though, it is pretty hard to manifest what you want, if you don’t
define your vision or have any idea what your soul really desires.

Have you actually spent any time at all sitting down and thinking about what really matters in your life, what makes you happy, what you would want to spend your life doing?

Most of us don’t.  We are just too busy, being busy most of the time.

I was recently saying to Nicky that I wanted to create a new vision board for myself.  We had both created one probably about a year ago and many of the things that were on my board I have already manifested in my life (same for Nicky too).  Hence us being BELIEVERS!!

But before you can start on a vision board it is a good idea to try and get a clear picture of what you want to manifest into your life.

Do you want a new car?  Do you want to meet the love of your life?  A new kitchen? What are the things you want to attract into your life? Health, happiness, money … all of the above?

Since doing my first vision board, so many of the things I wanted to manifest I now have. So I need to do another one.

What do I now want in my life?  I need to DEFINE my vision.

You can join me by completing the Message to Me. This is a letter you will write to yourself … a message to me, and can be purchased in our shop.

message to me2

Turn on some music that sings your soul,
light a candle and spend some time just on YOU.

Sit and think about these things ….

Who am I?

I am ….. here you need to write all the things you wish to be.  I am … confident.  I am … brave.  I am … healthy.  Anything and everything that you wish to be.  Not what you think you are now, what your soul feels will empower you to be who you really are.


What do I want?

I have … here you need to write about all the things you want.  I have … a new car.  I have … time with my family.  I have … lots of good friends.  I have … a happy and healthy family.  Really think about this one.  It is so easy to get caught up with wanting ‘things’ and that is fine, but in that peaceful place whilst you are doing this, search deep for the things that will really light up your life, into all you have ever dreamed of.

What do I want to do?

I will … here you need to write about all the things you will do.  I will … travel to Japan.  I will … have a family holiday to Australia.  I will … build my dream home.  I will … have a baby.


Once you have completed your Message to Me, join us in
creating a Life Map in our Create a Vision Board post.

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  1. Maria says:

    Sometimes I’m too scared to sit down and write my vision down haha … mainly because I don’t know if I have one. Or if I do, it’s a really really loose one …

    • Nicky says:

      I was the same Maria when I first started doing it! But I found once I started everything became clearer… the “Message to Me” printable is a really great tool to help with this.

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