How To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Greens

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eat their greens

Trying to get my kids to eat their greens is a daily struggle, and I know I am far from alone. Bex and I had this conversation the other day about how it is like a form of mental torture trying to convince our kids to eat a decent meal. How one week they’ll gobble down a wholesome meal and you start high fiving yourself… finally they are eating SOMETHING, but then their brother decides it’s the MOST DISGUSTING THING EVER – “Are you trying to poison me MUM?!!” or the next time you serve it up the first kid decides it is now disgusting too.

Recently my boys lunchboxes have started returning home from school with the fruit untouched… the precious “brain food” that I chop up every morning, that I make an effort to switch up… carrot sticks, apple slices, mandarins… ALL UNTOUCHED.

What is with that? My kids first foods were avocado, pumpkin and lentils (not all together). They LOVED eating those foods, now not so much.

I get a score out of 10 – ala My Kitchen Rules – most nights… and let’s just say I’m not making it through to the next round!

But then I hit on a secret, I found my kids weak spots. Oh yes, and I have been working that weak spot for all it’s worth.

eat their greens

For the last 4 years or so I have been regularly making myself smoothies. I love them. To me they are a quick fix of goodness in a glass, something I can throw in the blender and drink on the go. Often on the way to school because we are late out the door.

So the kids started asking for a taste because they look so delicious. I was all like “No, it’s my smoothie, have a banana!” and I figured they’d just turn their noses up anyway and it would be a waste of a good ingredients!

I don’t really remember when I gave in but I’m glad I did as now it is my go to afternoon snack for the lads AND I get to sneak in all kinds of nutritious goodies.
eat their greensNow I realise not all kids are going to go for this, but you might be surprised… I find blueberries mask the colour the best if there is an aversion to the green stuff or cocoa for a chocolate hit. If they aren’t sweet enough you could add some honey and gradually faze it out over a couple of weeks.

For a berry smoothie I use milk, blueberries, banana, spinach, peanut butter, chia and cinnamon.

For chocolate I use milk, banana, dark cocoa powder, kale, plain yoghurt, chia and a teaspoon of honey.

Also making a big deal of the presentation goes a long way. I bought a couple of mini milk bottles and some straws and the kids think it’s a real treat.

And the response I get is priceless:

“Mum, this smoothie is NOT great…

Yes my kids are comedians.

P.S. It is also great for the Mummy guilt when all you feel like serving up is eggs and soldiers for dinner. Just add a glass of delicious smoothie on the side and you’ll be the best Mum ever!



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