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If you are anything like me you have trouble getting your kids TO DO ANYTHING without a bribe and/or threat.

The Lost Prints - Incentive Chart

This year we started our 6 year old on pocket money in an attempt to get him to at least think about helping out around the house. He is a shocker and conveniently disappears whenever he is asked to do anything. It’s not that he won’t clean up after himself because I hear reports from school ALL THE TIME about how he is VERY helpful. It’s just he refuses to do it at home.

So we started small… empty the bath, put dirty clothes in the hamper and hang up your wet towel after your bath, and for this he gets $2 a week.

But we soon figured out he had no real incentive. The drawer filling up with loose change soon lost it’s appeal as like most 6 years old it was hard for him to comprehend if he held out long enough he could buy his own Star Wars mini box set.

So I came up with the “Incentive Chart” – a simple design he can colour in himself and rather than us giving him the pocket money in small change (who ever has change?) that he puts out of sight, he can now see his progress in full colour.

The Lost Prints - Incentive Chart

The best bit… I have made it into a FREE Printable for you all to download for yourselves. Yay!

The idea is your kids can make it their own by colouring it in, adding their name and drawing or sticking on a picture of whatever they currently have their sights set on. For my boy it is Star Wars all the way and he spent quite a while going through a Lego catalogue but finally settled on a Y-Wing Fighter Plane.

Although there was quite a discussion on why the $1000 Death Star was not a viable option.

The Lost Prints - Incentive Chart

My 4 year old wanted in on the act as well and his incentive is a Ninja Turtle something or other…

The Lost Prints - Incentive Chart

Once the charts were all coloured in the boys were keen to get started on their chores and, with more gusto than I have EVER seen, proceeded to clean up all of their toys, including wildly scattered Lego, so I could do the vacuuming. Winning!

The Lost Prints - Incentive Chart The Lost Prints - Incentive Chart

So head over to the Free Printables section on my other site Creative Current and get one for your kids.
And good luck!

Any super awesome tricks to get the kids involved other than bribes and threats, I’d love to hear them.

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