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Product Review

I was recently sent the new Fujifilm Instax SHARE to review and I have to say I was a little bit excited. I have become just a tad addicted to Instagram (you can follow me @nickycreative2) and being able to print out little tiny polaroids of my pics was hugely appealing.

So what is a Fujifilm Instax SHARE I hear you ask.

Well basically it is an instant smartphone printer, a little wireless device that allows you to instantly print those special moments you captured on your phone via a free app that is available for iPhone and Android phones. Think Instax, those cool new Fujifilm poloroid cameras BUT you can print straight from YOUR phone.

Cool ay?!


The kids and I certainly had lots of fun. They got a real kick out of watching the images appear in front of their eyes. We had our first image printing within minutes of downloading the app. It was super easy to use.

The only downside I would say is the expense of film and batteries which could get rather pricey if you were using it often. BUT I think a couple of these babies would be an awesome addition to a wedding or other special event, so party goers can print off party snaps, as a great momento, on the spot. They certainly beat the old disposable cameras I had on tables at my wedding!!


As I was sticking some of my little pics to my fridge I was reminded of this Polaroid Photoboard post from fellow NZ blogger Faery Sarah from yonks ago. The Instax SHARE would certainly be awesome to create this.

Some more info from Fujifilm:

This ground-breaking product was developed as a result of the never ending requests from FUJIFILM users who wished to create prints fromsmartphone images. Via the downloaded Instax SHARE app, it’s now possible to send images from a smartphone and print them on the spot.

SHARE_Catalogue Icon


The Instax SHARE app, available for iPhone and Android, offers various features such as image enlargement or reduction and filters.

A selection of photo templates is also available, making printing even more unique:

  • The Real Time Template, in which the date/time, place, weather, temperature and even humidity are printed on the photo making for a one and only print in the world.
  • The Limited Edition Template, in which each print is marked with a serial number like a limited item, making a memory with people you cherish even more precious.
  • The Social Media Template, allows Facebook and Instagram images to be printed with the profile photo and the number of likes – forever capturing the popularity of the snap.
  • The Square Template, allows comments and messages to be included on the print.

FUJIFILM Instax SHARE makes the journey from pocket to printer in a matter of seconds – it’s what you do with the print after that is up to you.

The options are endless.

Fujifilm instax SHARE
RRP $249.
Available from leading photographic suppliers.
For more information visit

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