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When I first saw Kimbra I thought she was just another pop singer. That was until I saw  the New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra perform a rendition of her song “Settle Down” in the front yard of the Spotify House on youtube, building an elaborate arrangement on her own with the use of samplers and loops.  I then realised just how much talent that Kiwi girl has … WOW!!!

Kimbra Lee Johnson was born on 27 March 1990 and grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand … yay, my hometown too!  Kimbra obviously had music in her bones as she came second at just 14 years of age in the national schools Rockquest competition in 2004.  Kimbra began writing songs at 12 and her Dad bought her a guitar at 12 and after a few years of lessons Kimbra was on stage.   Having never been taught to sing, she obviously is one of those lucky peeps that has natural talent.

Pairing up with Gotye in the hit single ‘Someboby that I used to Know’ really shot her to fame and since then she has teamed up with some wonderful artists like Mark Foster (Foster the People) and A-Trak.

She has just released a new video for the song ‘Come Into My Head’ and I encourage you all to support a really talented and beautiful NZ artist.

You can check out the new video over at

…. as well as joining up and supporting her on her Facebook page

You can purchase her tracks through itunes on her website too!



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