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Last night I met I Quit Sugar’s Sarah Wilson at an event in Auckland. She was here talking to a theatre full of people, overwhemingly women, about “How to live well” sharing her favourite wellness principals. She assumed most people there already knew all about her I Quit Sugar program so it was quite an informal talk about what she is in to, how she continues to manage an auto-immune disease and what is happening in her business.


Some feedback I have been getting is that some were a little underwhelmed. Mainly because they wanted practical information on how to beat the sugar devil, but I already knew all that stuff, so was there to learn more about Sarah herself. So I thought it was worth every cent, especially with the awesome goody bag and delicious snacks provided. The cashew fudge was to die for, I think it was made by Lifefoods, (please correct me if I am wrong!!) who also supplied amazing bliss balls, and I am currently supping on a bottle of booch from Good Buzz Brewing Co. I have been wanting to try kombucha, a non-alcoholic brewed probiotic soft drink, for a while now and it hasn’t disappointed.

Not to mention THE CHEESE. OMG! So yum! By The Cheese Barn they were served with gluten free crackers from Little Bird Organics. My new found appreciation of blue cheese was well and truely rewarded!

I Quit Sugar for Life

I have been avoiding refined sugar for about 8 months now and more recently have taken it a step further and reduced my intake of high fructose foods, including fruit, after buying the I Quit Sugar for Life cookbook. It has been rather eye opening for me and has made a huge impact on my wellbeing, with the added bonus of helping me to shed a couple of extra kgs and cms, especially around my tummy. So if you have been dabbling with the idea of cutting down sugar, let’s be honest it is EVERYWHERE in the media at the moment, then I’d recommend it.

The next step for me… getting the rest of my sugar loving family on board!

It was also awesome because I got to catch up with my friend Nicki from Real Food Generation as well as meeting Claire from Dom’s Kitchen and nutritionist Mikki Williden, who are all great advocates for healthy eating.


This morning the kids and I got locked out of the house, right when we were leaving to go to school. A calamity of events conspired against us as we were distracted by the truck that had arrived to empty our septic tank. An hour and $100 later we were on our way to school.

I shouted myself a coffee at the local cafe to calm down. #makingtimeforme


Another reason I was distracted this morning, that got us locked out, is I was cleaning the not so lovely by-products of these critters below off our front porch.

Freerange chickens

They are lucky they are worth the drama when they leave presents like this outside my office door in a box of old wood chips.


Only one of those is an egg by the way! The rock is there to encourage them to lay in the same spot. The joy of freerange!

Shine On

I am in love with my new cardi from ShineOn Boutique, a New Zealand online store. It was cheap at $42, sure it’s acrylic but I needed a hard wearing everyday Mum cardi I could rely on to keep me toasty. Check out ShineOn for awesome deals.

CottonOn Kids

I finally got my hands on some CottonOn Kids bedding. I have been after this stuff for ages but even though it is cheap by comparison to other cotton bedding, I’ve been waiting for a sale to come along so i can justify the expense of bedding we really don’t NEED, but that I WANT, to my husband. (He is a sensible shopper! I come from a long line of “just buy it already” shoppers). I got the Summer Nights design in queen size and can’t wait to get it on my bed.

Yep that’s right I bought the kids bedding for me!

West Auckland

On the weekend we took some friends who have recently moved to Auckland, from Europe, to Lake Wainamu near Bethells Beach. It is one of our favourite places to go with the kids as they love to jump and run down the 30-40 metre sand dunes. If you haven’t been there just imagine Planet Tattooine from Star Wars! Enormous amounts of volcanic black sand has been swept inland over thousands of years and is now trapped there, creating an inland lake.

It’s a great day trip from Auckland, but due to the black sand can get quite hot so make sure you get there early. The lake is awesome for swimming and there is a shallow stream perfect for the kids to splash around in.

We came across a group who had hauled in a long black sheet of plastic to make a water slide into the lake. It looked lots of fun!

Check out the video on my instagram here.

Been locked out lately?
What did you get up to on the weekend?

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