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I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Nicky and Bex since La Donna Moderna’s inception.  I’m proud, and thrilled to have been a part of LDM’s journey up to this point.  It has been a labour of love for all of us, so it is with sadness that I’m moving on. I have made some big decisions with my fiance over the last few weeks in regards to our future.  We have a long term plan!

Part of that plan is that I finish my Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology).  I will also be doing some part-time Social Media Management, and of course I’m a Mum too, which we all know is a job in itself. With this all decided, I felt I could not give LDM the full time and attention she deserves from me.

I know for a fact that Nicky and Bex will continue to grow LDM in success and awesomeness, and I will be like an excited stalker fan, following their every move with keen interest to see what amazing things they come up with next. To everyone I have worked with since, and during my journey up to now with LDM, I want to say a sincere thank you for working with me, putting up with my ‘mummy brain’, and helping us grow from nothing to the amazing beast that is ‘LDM’ today!  I’ve met some amazing peeps, and the LDM followers are, and will always be nothing less than Epic.

Of course I can’t leave out Nicky and Bex – two of the most awesome Mums/Business Owners/Women I know.  Thank you both for allowing me the opportunity to build LDM with you – it has been AMAZING. Much love, and gratitude.

(if you’re a fan of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ you’ll get this)

I hate goodbyes

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  1. ashlee says:

    Love to you Ceara xxx hope to still see you around xxx

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