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This is a sponsored post for NIVEA.

Growing up I always remember my Mum being a bit of a health nut.

Definitely nuttier than my friends Mums. Well that is what I thought.

See look how serious she was in the 80s! That’s me in the front, looking totally up for my modelling debut.


Let me elaborate…

On our kitchen bench we had a 3 tiered sprouter in which there was always a crop of alfalfa sprouts and mung beans on high rotation.

She was always chugging back a shot glass of something green and had a collection of Jane Fonda aerobics videos.

We were encouraged to finish our plates of meat and 3 vege which were homegrown and plentiful. Much to my disgust… poor Fluffy, Flossie, Snowball …

We had angora goats for their wool and occasionally their milk. Eew!

She even made us drink this disgusting thing called Astragalus when we started showing signs of a cold.

There were trips to Naturopaths, who prescribed weird potions like Rescue Remedy…

At the time I thought it was weird. Very weird!

Mum was right

When I got to go to my friends houses, they would have white bread, drinking chocolate and packet biscuits. One friends Mum would spoil me with drinking chocolate mixed with full fat cream and combined with milk in a tall glass with a long handled spoon, like you would get in a cafe. I thought it was so decadent!

But now I am all grown up I get it.

I have spent most of my adult life struggling with my weight, bingeing on those bad foods that weren’t a part of our every day when I was a kid.

Sure we had Friday night fish and chips and a counter meal at the local after Dad’s footy game on Saturday’s – we weren’t completely ‘deprived’ of the fun stuff.

But I get it now that Mum was trying to look after her body, to give us the best start in life, and to educate us about food.

So even when I went through stages of bingeing in my teens and 20s I always came back to what I knew would make me feel good.

Fuel for my body and mind.

Mum was right!

Now, apart from owning animals for food (except the chicken for their eggs), I do ALL of the above that I thought was so nutty. Just change out Jane Fonda for HIIT workouts and crossfit, goats milk for almond milk and although I have been known to sprout mung beans I still cannot stomach alfalfa. They are a curse on the perfect salad sandwich!

I make my own sauerkraut, bake refined sugar-free lunch box goodies, and every time I feel a cold coming on I thank the Lord that Astragalus now comes in capsule form!

So thanks Mum. I get it.

Although I hated all that stuff as a kid, I relish it now and in turn I am trying to educate my own kids about why it matters. About what you put in your body, how it can affect your body AND your mind, and where that food comes from and why it is so important.

I’m sure they think I am equally nutty.

Mum was right

What was your Mum right about?
Any other nutters here?

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*This is a sponsored post for NIVEA, but all opinions are my own.
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