My Manifesting Journey

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I want to share with you the immense power of manifesting your thoughts, and the best way to do this is to firstly share my manifesting journey so far.

Make sure you read to the end to continue our series on how you too can OWN YOUR LIFE.

manifesting journey

Where to start …

My life has had some highs and lows, and I think the biggest low was when I was in the midst of my “blackness”.

I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder
along with bouts of clinical depression.

Even though I had recently met the love of my life, things seemed to be falling apart around me.  I was very sick, self harming on a daily basis with several suicide attempts.  I was so unwell I didn’t want to leave our flat, I couldn’t work, I tried to sleep as much as I could so that I wasn’t awake to ‘think’.  My mother and my partner stood beside me and supported me on my journey to recovery which took two years of intensive therapy.  I was determined to have a ‘life worth living,’ as my amazing therapist told me I would have.  I could write a book about this … well, actually, I did write my story.  It was published under the ‘anonymous’ name for a Doctor.  Back then, I was warned not to print my name because it may be used against me.  I regret that now, as I am grateful for what I went though and what I learnt.  Anyway, the Doctor wanted a book to give patients, that would give them some hope when they were in their own state of blackness.  I was a success story.  I had cured myself without medication, by rewiring my brain.  I changed the way I thought about things and my whole life started changing with it.

I have received ‘signs’, which I now believe are from
the Universe, many times in my life.

Sometimes I think we underestimate the subtle messages that are out there.  One particular sign that really stood out for me happened when I had watched a movie called ‘The Book of Eli’ starring Denzel Washington (total crush of mine).  I watched this movie with my husband (my other crush) and after the movie, we talked about how faith is such a powerful thing to have in your life.  The next day we were driving somewhere and I saw people leaving from a church and again I  mentioned how faith is so important in life, to my husband.  Now … we are not religious, we don’t attend church, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have faith in something.

During the movie, Denzel’s character had to trade items, and something of high value was a KFC refresher towel.  These towels used to be handed out years ago.  I no longer eat KFC, but I used to eat there a lot and I had not been given one of those towels for maybe a decade, I couldn’t remember anyway, it was ages ago.

The day after we watched that movie, the day when we noticed all the church goers,
we went to KFC and what was I handed as I paid for my order … two refresher towels!
I couldn’t believe it!

This, to me, was a sign that I need to have faith in my life … to believe!  I still have my refresher towels and they are very special to me.  I went back to KFC a few more times but never again have I seen another refresher towel.  Oh, and I named my third son Eli.

From around that time I started to write five things that I was grateful for, every day into a little notebook.  From that time, my life has really manifested some wonderful things for me.  What this does, is confirm to me that what I think, I create.  I had found a dream property on Trade Me and put it on my watch-list.  I had no idea how I could possibly afford such a property but what I did do, was drive up to it (many times) and pretend I was driving home.  I visualized my current home with a ‘sold’ sign and within a few months I was moving into this property.

I still can’t quite believe I am here.

[Just a little snap shot of my dream property. We have paddocks which will soon be orchards, forest, protea patches, bush and a dream spot up on the hill to build our dream home. Three hectares for my fortunate family to enjoy.]

After moving into our dream property, I won a $65,000 home prize package which included $10,000 worth of paint, $10,000 worth of Smeg appliances, a heat pump, solar panels, carpet and so much more.

Money seemed to be flowing in and we are getting more and more ahead.

I have three beautiful boys, the love of my life by my side and my dream spot … I feel so lucky and so grateful.

Now, life isn’t always a bunch of roses but generally when I am in a good frame of mind and being mindful of my thoughts, things seem to flow in a very positive way.

I discovered Sarah Prout and did her first Manifest program which was hugely beneficial to me and I highly recommend it. Sarah has just released some new manifesting material which helped her go from welfare to manifesting over $250k in less than a year.  I will definitely be signing up to do these, plus she has a Facebook group with like-minded peeps who inspire and encourage.  Sarah’s links are below if you want to delve deeper into manifesting:

The Free Intention Setting Guide
The Ancient Ritual
And the Full MANIFEST Course

We have also created a series of posts about manifesting – see the link at the bottom for the first one, these are pretty much a basic overview but has links to some of our super awesome products to help you get manifesting!

As part of my mission in manifesting I created a vision board. Sarah recommends doing this in one of her modules and I was amazed at how many of the things on it, I now have in my life.

But I thought is was about time to do a new one!

This is when I spoke with Nicky (the other half of LDM) and asked her to use her amazing graphic design skills to create one for me.

After she had created it, (along with a bunch of affirmation words that you can use for it), I thought it was so good that we should share it with everyone.

We then got on a bit of a roll and decided to also create a set of Inspirational Postcards that you can actually post to people or use to pop up on your wall.

We also have an amazing Gratitude Journal which you can pre-order via our blog now. This journal is something really special with lots of inspiration, colouring in pages and space for daily affirmations.

There is a Message to Me letter and some FREE printables including Be Gone, Be Mine lists and some colouring in pages too (subscribe to LDM in the sidebar —> to gain access).

All of these things add up to really focusing on what you want in life.

What Now?

For me …. I am going to do a new vision board with my dream house that I will build on my property, the financial security that I know I will have, my orchard and so much more.

Join me and ‘Own Your Life’.


Do you want to OWN YOUR LIFE
or simply wade your way through it.
Join us and ‘Own Your Life!’ We would love to
hear your stories and see your vision boards.

Available NOW from LDM!
My Life Map
(LDM Vision Board)

vision board

Above: A2 Poster (My Life Map includes A2 poster plus 2 x sets of words of affirmation)
Below: Example of a finished vision board.

vision board

Also available as a printable poster here.


My Gratitude Journal by Me Inc

Manifest the life you have always dreamed of by practicing gratitude daily with this beautifully designed gratitude journal by Me Inc.

192 pages filled to the brim with inspirational quotes, acts of kindness and personal challenges, as well as beautiful hand drawn colouring pages.

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gratitude journal


Next: Learn How to Create the Life You Always Dreamed of!

This summary leads onto individual steps to help you learn the basics in manifesting and transforming your life into one that is fulfilling for you in every way.

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