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One of the most well-known concepts of the Māori culture is Tūrangawaewae, which when broken down is – tūranga ‘standing place’, waewae ‘feet’, which literally means ‘a place to stand’.

So in New Zealand Tūrangawaewae are places where we feel connected, our place in the world, our home.

Tūrangawaewae Tūrangawaewae

In New Zealand our family Tūrangawaewae is the Waitakere Ranges and Bethells

This is how I feel about the Huon Valley in Tasmania.

Part of my family still live there, and whenever I drive down from Hobart, over Vince’s Saddle which brings you down into the valley, I get a real sense of coming home, of belonging. Even though I haven’t lived there in almost twenty years.

I am in Tasmania now for the next six months, while my husband works here, and we have already spent a great deal of time in the valley since our arrival, just over two weeks ago. On our first drive down from Hobart we were explaining to the boys that this was MY Tūrangawaewae, my ‘home’.

Tūrangawaewae The view up the valley from my Dad’s property


When I was asked to write a post about Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum I was all like, OK it’s New Year’s Eve but what do I know about rum?! Then I watched their video (below) and did a little research on the company.

Their tag line: “Exceptional spirits travel the world, but never forget where they came from” really spoke to me. This is what I have been feeling since I came home to Tasmania. Well maybe not the ‘exceptional spirit’ bit, but Bex and I do like to tell the other how AWESOME we are.

When I think of Jamaica I think of rum… it’s like whiskey and Scotland or Mexico and tequila, and I love the idea that Appleton Estate are so connected to their history and the land that bears their product. It is one of those things that draws me to particular brands and makes me seek them out.

Jamaica is one of those places that seem a world away, but just look at how beautiful it is, (you really need to watch the video!), I can honestly say I am tempted to get my hands on a bottle of Appleton Estate to taste a little of that ‘spirit’.

If you are also tempted, check out my pick of their cocktails – the perfect for pairing with Summer socialising…

Appleton Estate

Left to right: Jamaican Mule, perfect for a backyard BBQ with friends and family; The Estate Manhattan, made for a girl’s night out; The Estate Old Fashioned, ideal for a romantic harbour yacht cruise.

Check out the Appleton Estate website for more.

This post has been sponsored by Appleton Estate, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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