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Product Review

How much time do you spend on ‘keeping up appearances’?

Do you have a regimented skin care regime or are you a bit slap dash? I must admit to being in the latter group and since having children my cleanse, tone, moisturise routine has dwindled to, well… moisturise. I know, I know I really should be looking after my skin and I will regret it when I am older and more wrinkled. I’ve heard it all before! Mostly from my Mum who is nearing 60 but looks more like 45: “Just look at my skin, Darling!”

Occasionally I will get sucked into buying some product I really don’t want, like those dreaded people at the mall, who really suck you in by using your name over and over and becoming your instant best friend. Before you know it you’ve ‘saved’ $500 because for you only they are willing to *random tapping on their computer* drop the price to $100 “But don’t tell anyone!”

Even arguments of “But my husband won’t be happy I’m spending our grocery budget on skin care!” are responded with “Doesn’t your husband want you to look beautiful?” *cough cough, splutter* Yeah what ever, here’s $100 can I go now!!

You may remember this post about Plastic Surgical Masters I wrote back in March after I met the delightful Leanne and John Masters at the end of last year in Wellington. As well as specialising in surgical procedures they are big advocates for looking after your skin and are extremely excited that they are now focussing  a big part of their business on their Medi-Spa.

Not your average facial

At Plastic Surgical Masters they understand the importance of looking after your skin, their philosophy being to keep skin care ‘simple but effective’. Just the way I like it! They use ”medical grade” products and treatments that are backed by science, and are used extensively by other Plastic Surgeons overseas.


 The welcoming reception area at Plastic Surgical Masters

One thing they don’t offer are generic programmes! Each client starts with a consultation with the skin therapist and are then treated with products that are best suited to your skins requirements, taking into account your concerns, your skin type, current medications, skin condition and current skin care regime. Now that’s service!

Plastic Surgical Master’s in-house therapist is often required to prepare specific preparations, due to the medical grade nature of the products. As well as her own in-depth knowledge she works closely with Dr Masters to enhance the appearance of each clients skin. Sounds serious right? But it’s not! You will walk away with a customised medical grade skincare program that is effective and best of all easy to follow.

The Review


Now I wasn’t lucky enough to have my own in depth consultation and treatment, due to location issues (damn!) but I was given the opportunity to sample the Aspect Dr Starter Kit, which includes a Deep Clean Facial Cleanser, Active C Serum (Vitamin C formula), Exfol A Plus Serum (AHA & Vitamin A Exfoliating Serum) and Resveratrol (pure grape skin extract) Moisturising Cream.

Firstly these products smell luxurious and the whole routine took less than 5 minutes which was a BIG bonus for me.

So my skin is not too bad considering a have a bad history of taking care of it, but I do suffer from nondescript random bumps that appear on my temples and forehead, as you can see in the below image (excuse my unkempt eyebrows!). Within only 4 weeks though the bumps had disappeared and my skin was feeling silky and smooth! Winning!

before2 after

This ‘after’ photo I took this morning and I ran out of my Starter Pack about a month ago and the bumps have not come back, yet! Must invest in some more pronto!

Most people apparently can expect to see noticeable changes within 8 to 12 weeks of treatment, including;

  • Healthier, cleaner and more vibrant looking skin
  • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced pore size
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Improved elasticity
  • More balanced, even skin tone
  • Reduction of age spots and hyperpigmentation

The Aspect Dr products used by Plastic Surgical Masters are free of mineral oil, free of parabens, free of animal derived ingredients, free of harsh surfactants and are never tested on animals. Medical grade means they have stronger concentrations of active ingredients but it doesn’t mean that they are more expensive than over the counter products. Another bonus!

I am certainly sold.

So if you happen to live in Wellington I strongly suggest you get along to Plastic Surgical Masters for a consultation, Leanne will make sure you are well looked after. And say Hi from me!


For more information on the procedures performed by Plastic Surgical Masters you can check out their website.

Or call to talk to them direct on (04) 499-4779 or (0800) 499-4779.

Level 2, 202 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, New Zealand.


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