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Making gratitude part of your daily life is
a sure fire way of creating a happier you.

This is such a powerful tool in transforming your life. I started a gratitude journal a few years ago and my life has changed dramatically.  It just gets better and better.

There is so much to be grateful for, and the more you do it, the more you do it … if that makes sense.

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Why not give it a go.

Try writing five things you are grateful for every day for a month and watch how your life starts changing.  For the past few years I had used a gratitude diary but I never used it as a proper diary.

Nicky and I decided to design our own Gratitude Journal that we could use instead of a diary. It is filled to the brim with inspirational quotes, personal challenges and acts of kindness to help align you with a positive flow of energy.

Nicky is a very clever lady and has also designed up several colouring in pages in the journal as a mindfulness exercise.  A way of concentrating on simply colouring in, clearing the mind for a moment, giving a sense of peace.

(If you want instant access to our exclusive colouring pages as printable pages right now simply subscribe to LDM!)

The LDM Gratitude Journal really is lovely and will help you practice gratitude daily. By focusing on all that you should be grateful for, it helps you to be mindful of looking for the good in every situation. You are celebrating life and thanking the Universe for what it provides for you.

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