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This is a sponsored post for Rexona.

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I am not ashamed to say I am NOT a rugby fan, and being an Australian living in New Zealand sometimes people are disappointed that this is the case. The jibes about the Wallabies hold no weight with me. 😉 Sure I am a proud Australian, but I was brought up in the southern state of Tasmania where Aussie Rules is the sport of choice, so I really know nothing about the rules of Rugby.

BUT I live in a house of kiwi males, and sport-mad kiwi males at that! So sport of any kind is the entertainment of choice on the TV for them… from cricket to motor-cross, surfing to football (soccer), anything goes! Especially if New Zealand are represented.

Both my boys are mad keen football fans, my youngest rotates his four football outfits from day-to-day and those are pretty much all he wears. If I let him he’d be wearing his football boots to school too. He wants to change his name to Kun Aguero, after his Manchester City and Agentinian hero. He has to have his hair cut like Kun, eat the same food as Kun (everyone knows football players definitely eat their peas and carrots!) and he regularly asks if Kun is real and will I take him to England to meet him one day.

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My older boy is known to burst into tears if his beloved Liverpool doesn’t win, or even if they are moved down the league table.

This hero worship of football teams and footballers began with the most recent FIFA World Cup, and shows no sign of abating.

If you live in New Zealand you would have to be hiding under a rock to not know the Rugby World Cup is not that far away.  And I suspect we are going to get a return to World Cup mania in this house very soon. My husband is looking forward to some quality rugby watching with the boys and teaching them more about the sport and the pride of NZ, the All Blacks.

I’m starting to see the excitement gaining momentum in day-to-day life… on Saturday at our sons’ football match one of the Mums was passing out World Cup posters and talking about how it’s going to be a difficult one but “we” will come out on top. Today the kids had a friend round after school and instead of the usual game of football the call went up to play some rugby, “it’s us versus Argentina!” “I don’t want to be Argentina!” “You have to be, because we are better than you and “we” are the All Blacks!”

The new ad by All Blacks sponsor Rexona is very apt. As they explain:

“Often hardcore sports fans act if they are part of the team they are supporting. This definitely seems to be the case of football fans. When discussing how the team performed the word “we” is thrown around a lot… Rexona’s new ad attempts to channel this collective consciousness showing that while game day preparation for an All Black will differ significantly to that of a fan, many of their movements are similar, illustrating how ‘we’ (fans and players) move together.”

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And although I may get some ribbing about being Australian I do love to see New Zealanders pride in their team come out. There is certainly something heart-warming about it, everyone cheering together for a shared goal. But equally heart breaking when their team doesn’t do so well. Even though I see rugby as “just a game” I can also understand why my boys, and all fans, get so carried away with the emotion of feeling like they are part of that team. And I certainly understand national pride! Us Aussie’s are famous for it are we not… some would say a little (lot) arrogant too! 😉

That’s OK. It is that connection to our place, I totally get that.

*This is a sponsored post for Rexona, but all thoughts are my own.

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