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Kingan Jones – Soft and Pretty meets Sophisticated Grunge.

‘Kingan Jones is embodied by a quirky contrast of soft pretty feminine, and sophisticated grunge.’  So it says on the gorgeous Kingan Jones website, and online boutique, and I think that sums the brand up nicely.   Lovely fabrics, and bold prints are what you will find from this modern boutique label.

Launched in 2005 by Claire Kingan Jones, the label developed from a desire to offer a more directional signature label that would complement her already well-established RJC label. Since founding her clothing company in 1994, both labels have gone from strength to strength, and in a short time established a strong reputation with buyers & media alike.

The Kingan Jones label is regularly featured in leading fashion publications both in NZ and abroad including Fashion Quarterly, Cleo, Canvas, Viva, Next, Sunday, Oyster & Instyle. In addition to the Kingan Jones flagship stores in Ponsonby and Newmarket, the loyal Kingan Jones clientele is served in select boutiques throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Claire Kingan-Jones

Claire Kingan-Jones is one of many inspirational, talented business women behind New Zealand’s thriving fashion industry, and she kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions!

1.    What/who/where do you draw inspiration from? 

Everything around me. From friends and the people I work with. Life; from standing on a rugby sideline and thinking I need something comfier and cosier yet remaining stylish, to the other end of the spectrum of having to go to a glamorous function. There is such visual overload out there, from digital platforms like pinterest, to travelling and the multi-faceted style that you see on the streets, that there is never any shortage of inspiration.  I’ve also always loved history, in particular the glamorous and daring 1930’s.

2.    When did you ‘know’ you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

I started making my own clothes when I was 13 and that progressed to making things for my friends.  It wasn’t until my final year of school that I made the definitive choice to do fashion. I’d been tossing up between photography; my father was a photographer, so being the rebellious teenager that I was, choosing photography would have been far too compliant a choice. Accountancy was another option, but luckily I bombed in my final maths exams – As looking back on that now I think I would have been bored working as an accountant!

3.    Who do you rely on for support, and encouragement in life? 

My family and the girls at work.  My sons and husband are really proud of me, which inspires me.  And even on those days, when you wake up and think “oh no it’s a work day”, as soon as I get into the office, having my team around me always makes me feel good!

4.    What are you most grateful for? 

First off, my family. Also, I’m so lucky to work in an industry that I love. So I guess, what I am most grateful for is that I have a balance in life between doing something I love and having plenty of time with the people I love!

5.    How would you describe yourself in five words? 

I wouldn’t like to define myself with 5 words, I’m a woman – I need a lot more than 5 words, and anyway – I think that is something you would have to ask my friends and co-workers.?

6.    If you could give one piece of advice to busy ‘modern women’, what would it be? 

Find a balance and make sure you look after yourself while finding the time to do the things you love! Live in the moment, forget yesterday and don’t stress about tomorrow….

Why not take a look yourself at the gorgeous pieces available on the Kingan Jones website.


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