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I recently gave birth to my third son and a trampoline had been on my wish list for the boys for a while.  Having another little person in the family pushed it to the top of the wish list and another boy sealed the deal for me, as I know just how much energy they have and it is great to have something to help burn it away each day.


Ollie enjoying jumping

But not all tramps are the same and my biggest concern was safety.  So with that in mind, there was only one choice to make and that was a Springfree tampoline, designed and built right here in beautiful New Zealand.

Right from my first point of contact, I was given prompt, friendly service and this continued right to the end when the trampoline was delivered in a very fast manner.  Just as well, we were all so excited about its arrival!

My memories as a child were endless hours spent on our old tramp, of happiness and fun, but occassionaly there were a few accidents where friends had fallen off, or landed on the springs.  Thankfully our household never experienced any serious injuries but that was probably just a bit of luck.  Springfree tramps take away the stress for a parent.  We can be happy knowing our kiddies are having a great time without risking injuries from falls off the tramp or onto the springs or frame.

The online assembly instructions on Youtube were brilliant, even though my husband and brother-in-law refused to watch them … MEN!  After a couple of hours, the trampoline was assembled and my husband keep commenting on the quality of the parts, saying it ‘felt tough’.  He also thought it was brilliant, all the colour coding to help assembly.

Not only did I order the Large Oval from the Springfree range but I also ordered the very cool FlexrStep so the kids can get in easy peasy.  It allows for easier entry onto the trampoline without introducing a hard surface to the jumping area … clever!

O92 Small

Lastly I ordered the FlexrHoop.  This has been such a hit with the kids.  It adds a whole new element of fun to the trampoline. It’s built with the same materials and design concepts as the trampoline so no hard surfaces are added to the jumping area. Great for kids (and adults) who want to practice their slam dunk!

The boys were already in a line awaiting the completion of the tramp by their Dads and were so delighted once they were each allowed a go.  Since the tramp arrived, if the weather is permitting, the boys are out there enjoying the fun and activity that I remember as a child, so I am one very happy Mummy.

The investment is so worth it.  You can get tramps much cheaper but in my experience, they fall apart and just don’t come close to the quality and the safety of the Springfree range.  My girlfriend has had a Springfree tramp for about 6 years and it looks as good as new and it sure has taken a hammering as far as use goes.  Don’t fret if you don’t have all that cash up front as Springfree give you the option to layby one.  Go and check them out at  www.springfreetrampoline.co.nz



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