How can a balloon, Kmart and the Stars Programme work for Kiwi kids?

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Bit of an odd question, but stay with me.  Can you remember back to your first day at high school.  How was it for you?

 I recall quite clearly how nervous I was starting High School so I’m keen to spread the word about how Kmart is fund raising in stores 9 – 24th July for the great work The Graeme Dingle Foundation’s Stars Programme is doing for kiwi kids in Year 9, supporting them in a successful  transition to High School.

Head into your local Kmart store to support the Graeme Dingle Foundations Star's programmes across NZ Stars Adventure Camp 2015 - Activity Based Learning - Lakes Ranch

My High School experience started at Manurewa High in South Auckland.   Many of my Intermediate school friends were going off to different schools, so I was pretty much on my own from the first day, not really sure of what awaited and what was expected of me.  Wearing a new uniform which was too big for me,  the shirt was scratchy against my skin and the skirt was down to my ankles barely staying on my straight frame.  I topped it off sporting a bad short haircut with a fringe that fell into my eyes.  If this wasn’t a disastrous recipe for first impressions I wore newly applied braces.  The ones with the full tooth brace, absolute metal mouth.  It was a tough first year working things out as I went.

Before my first year was even finished my parents decided to move suburbs.  I can clearly remember the storm that stirred for me as a teen.  Dread of yet more change.  But off to a new school I went – forearmed about how to do this “start new high school” thing.  Fake it till you make it!  I made sure my uniform fitted the way I wanted it, my hair was longer and I insisted my braces had to be removed whether it was time or not.  Thinking back, I’m quite amazed how I took control of the situation at age 14.   There’s more to looks to think about as teens deal with a maze of life choices at this age.  The sense of community and belonging the Starts Programme works hard to create is exactly what I would have liked for my own introduction to High School.  It’s great to know they’re working with students at my old High School Manurewa High.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation’s Stars Programme creates a level of support for the participants through team building and weekly group peer mentoring by senior students.  In essence the idea is to create a sense of belonging and a positive school community. Peer mentors benefit as well, developing confidence and leadership skills. In my mind a win win.

Stars Adventure Camp 2015 - Overnight bush camping experience -Lakes Ranch Stars Adventure Camp 2016 - Activity Based Learning - Whakamaru

So, lets do something that has a long term positive affect on our young kiwis.  From 9 – 24 July Kmart have partnered the Graeme Dingle Foundation to raise funds across all 19 stores throughout NZ for this great cause.  No doubt a shopping trip is part of the school holiday activities so why not pop in to K-Mart.   Friendly Customer greeters will be handing out balloons in exchange for a donation towards the Stars Programme. Collection tins and donation functions on self-serve checkouts will also be available for customers to make a contribution.

Grab a balloon or give a small donation to help out this fantastic cause.  K-Mart and The Graeme Dingle Foundation working together to benefit our Kiwi kids through the Stars Programme.


If you’d like to know more and perhaps do more please check out the following links:

La Donna Moderna supports great causes and those Brands doing their bit.

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