A Touch of Blonde at Home

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A Touch of Blonde at Home

Before I even begin – I will use the term (or something like it) ‘Blonde Wood’ many times here – I want to be clear, I am NOT an interior designer, so am not sure if this term is correct, or if there may be another fancy name for light coloured wood – however reader, I’m sure you know what I mean when I use this term, and I apologise profusely if I offend those who might call ‘blonde wood’ by another (more professional) name.  (you’ll get over it)

I have eclectic tastes, I always have.  I go through phases where certain styles really grab me, and right now the ‘blonde wood’ I am seeing everywhere is really taking my fancy (once again, don’t even know if that’s a saying, apologies etc etc).  A Touch of Blonde at Home is my attempt to showcase my favourite uses of light coloured wood in various different ways, and in various different spaces.

I had gone off wooden surfaces for a while when my fiance and I were renting, as many of the rental homes we lived in were very dated, and contained far to much dark wood, or fake wooden surfaces (I think I may have ranted about this in a previous post but anywho…..).  I’m relieved to find I can still find beauty in classy, sleek, modern wooden surfaces.

Whether blonde wood is used as an accent on furniture, within a room, or as a table surface, even wall to wall, it really can lift, and lighten the mood of any space…. and bring warmth.

I’ve put together some of my favourite pinterest finds, so let me know what you think?

1. Image Source (Pinterest)

Blonde wood 1


2.  Image Source ( The Design Chaser)

Blonde wood 2

3.  Image Source (Sanctuary Decor)

Blonde wood 3

4.  Image Source (Swiss Architects)

Blonde wood 4

5. Image Source (Pinterest)

Blonde wood 5

6. Image Source (Made By Cohen)

Blonde wood 6

7.  Image Source (De Steyl)

Blonde wood 7

8.  Image Source (Pinterest)

Blonde wood 8


9. Image Source (Pinterest)

Blonde wood 9

10. Image Source (Home Adore)

Blonde wood 10

11.  Image Source (Pinterest)

Blonde wood 11

12. Image Source (Houzz)

Blonde wood 12

13. Image Source (tvark.se)

Lagnֳ¶ House, Tham & Videgֳ¥rd Arkitekter 2012 10

14. Image Source (Design Milk)

Blonde wood 14

15. Image Source (Mocka)

Blonde wood 15

So what you do think?  Love or Hate ‘Blonde Wood’?  Would you use a lot in your dream home, or just accents?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Nicky says:

    I must say my home is filled with dark dark wood accents, almost black with off white walls and the occasional aqua/teal and yellow hints but there is something about these images that resonate with me. It is quite calming, relaxed. Love it.

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