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Ok, so this is my first attempt, ever, to give this “unboxing” a go.  Unboxing is that thing where people take stuff out of a box step by step and show you on video how it goes together.  I think it’s a great idea since most of the printed instructions that come with toys and other gadgets don’t seem to be that clear.

I’m a newbie at blogging, let alone unboxing but I’m prepared to give anything a go to learn, laugh and maybe reach a few people along the way.   So my Sunday morning started out with the idea to do a simple wee vid of an Ant Village kindly given to me by Kmart. That was until I unpacked the thing, saw all the pieces and thought could an 8 year old do this without adult assistance?  Yes, my sister informs me.  Eight year olds can be quite clever.  Well, probably more clever than me.  Here’s how it unfolded.

  • 8am start.  Attire – still in pj’s.  This won’t take long.
  • Bits all laid out, instructions to the side.  I won’t need those.
  • Need camera rigged some how.  Spend hour trying different books, cushions and dishes as a stand for the phone.  Even tried sticking the phone to myself.  All useless.  Then come up with great idea to use my microphone stand from the band days.
  • Clip iPhone to said stand.  Yay, that works.
  • Spend another half hour working out position and lighting.
  • Start filming!  Dog goes ballistic, barking in the background – cut!  The sound is recording.  Doh!
  • Restart.  Need to read instructions already as there’s a lot of bits.
  • Get to part where it says put sand into the device.  This is literally like step 3.
  • Hmm…..sand.  Where is the sand?  Aha!  Outside under the paving stones I’m pulling up.  So I trudge outside in pj’s and dig up some damp sand.   All good.  The instructions say to add some garden dirt and moisture to the sand so I figure this sand already has all of that.  Perfect!
  • Tip sand into container.  Yes, it goes everywhere and the instructions did say put paper down before trying this at home.
  • Clean up mess on bench and crap all over hands from digging in the sand.
  • Finish Ant Village construction with a few, WTF moments as it slowly came together.  You’ll see a bit of this in the vid as the editing, if you can call it that, jumps a couple of tricky steps which are probably easier for smaller fingers.

Feeling quite proud the Village is completed and looks like a bought one.  Now to check out the video results.  Oh boy what software do I have on my PC, I say to myself chugging down another coffee.  What about titles and music?  Then realise all the filming was upside down!  So another couple of hours of learning and here are the results, completed 5 hours later. Film right side up.  I take my hat off to those guys doing fantastic production on their websites.  Needless to say I have a way to go.

All in all I had the best few hours of fun making up the Ant Village and thought that any kiwi kid would be lost in not only the building of this toy but the hours of fun populating it with ants and caring for them.  Such inexpensive holiday fun and who knows it may kick off a passion for biology.  My village will end up in the good hands of my niece and nephew whom I’m sure will love it. It’s fantastic to see toys like this on the market that are fun, educational, affordable and gender neutral.

To get yours these school holidays check out where your local Kmart store is by clicking the link.  https://www.kmart.co.nz/

Now where are those other toys….Happy days!

(Toys kindly supplied by Kmart.  Music: Doctor Turtle/Thought Soup)

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    This video possibly saved our marriage this morning! Thanks!

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