When Life Gets in the Way

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Bethells Wow! It’s been a long time between posts…

Every day I think of new posts to write, but they never seems to get done and I have no real explanation as to why, other than LIFE getting in the way.

I read this post over at Life, Love & Hiccups a couple of weeks ago and Sonia says “I initially sat down to write an explanation about why I suddenly went AWOL from the blog last week… but then I found myself asking why? Why would there even need to be an explanation other than the fact that I was simply busy living life?”

We are all living it, right?


So like Sonia, “Life is my explanation.”

And what a roller-coaster it has been the last couple of months…

It all started with Bex’s post on manifesting, well actually it started a number of months before that, and if you follow us on Facebook then you would know we have developed a range of happiness products, including our amazingly fabulous gratitude journals.

What started off as small project has taken on a life of its own as we have started a new business to deal with the interest, and made quite an investment (financially and emotionally!), and decided to back ourselves and our dreams.

But let’s back up a bit…

Mid last year I created a vision board and on that board I attached a picture about writing a book. I can’t exactly remember why but I do remember that the words spoke to me… simple steps to reach a big goal. I didn’t consciously make a decision to write a book, more I just wanted to write on this blog.

vision board

Spring forward to now and here I am awaiting a shipment of 2000 books that I designed and helped develop. So not a typical book as such, but real BOOKS non-the-less, beautiful high quality, hard cover books that people are buying, books that schools are excited by, books that I am so proud of!


But it’s not just the new business keeping me busy, it’s my old business (the paying one lol!) Creative Current, as well as the fact I am moving to Australia in LESS THAN 6 WEEKS!!

Yep that’s right. My family are moving to Australia, but don’t worry, it’s only temporary.

My husband’s job as an academic means he can apply for a sabbatical (research leave) every four years. In 2008 it took us to the UK, in 2012 to the USA and at the end of this year Tasmania. Back to my home town. It was planned that way as both the kids are now in school and they can easily attend school in Tasmania. Plus we have never lived in the same town as family, so having my parents, step-mum, sisters, brother, cousins, aunties, uncles all so close by is a bit of a foreign element for us, and one we want our kids to experience.

So organising to move OS, even though temporarily is a pain in the butt! Not only do we need to find a place to live in Hobart for seven months, but we need to rent out our own house and get someone to care for our pets. That means making sure the house is in the best possible condition, all those little maintenance jobs that have been put off need to be done… decks stained, chimney’s cleaned, dripping taps and leaking showers fixed, dishwashers replaced, oven seals replaced… cleaning, gardening, packing up personal items…

Not to mention organising bills, insurance changes, passport renewals, dentists, vets…

Every time I tick something off, another two things go on the list.

And life goes on.

It doesn’t stop.

Every one still wants dinner every night, the washing has to be done, the animals fed and watered, homework, cleaning….

But I am coping. I’ve got this. I am looking after myself (how is a post for another day), because let’s face it. If I didn’t it would probably all go to shit. Right?!

And I am grateful. I am one lucky lady to get the opportunities that I have in life, love and work!

What’s going on with you? What are you looking forward to at the moment? What is keeping you busy?

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