Win a Pair of Bill Bass Sunglasses with Visique

| December 17, 2013 | 99 Comments

Win a Pair of Bill Bass Sunglasses with Visique

Bill Bass Wayfarer 1

Summer has landed with a vengeance, and it’s definitely time to protect your eyes from the harsh New Zealand sun.  That’s where Visique can help.

Visique is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated and has been providing New Zealanders with quality eye care since 2000 through its network of 62 locations nationwide from Auckland to Otago.

Visique offers a wide range of designer eyewear with local and international brands including Kate Sylvester, Silhouette, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Oroton, Guess and Convertibles. Visique has a wide selection of optical frames, contact lenses and sunglasses for men, women and children. Click here for a full list of Visique brands.

Staying true to its core values, Visique takes pride in offering the best possible quality eye health and delivering genuine care and value for money throughout New Zealand communities.

Thanks to Visique we have an amazing pair of Bill Bass Wayfarer Sunglasses to give away to one lucky reader.  See below for competition details.

Bill Bass Wayfarer 2

Hand crafted Italian style Acetate frames and optical quality metals

Since its inception in Melbourne, Victoria over 25 Years ago Bill Bass has kept its original philosophy of producing outstanding quality sunglasses at affordable prices for the Australian and New Zealand consumer.

In the pursuit of quality and affordability, Bill Bass sources the finest manufacturing techniques and highest quality materials from all over the world to produce outstanding sunglasses.

Handmade Italian style acetate frames and optical quality metals, coupled with high quality lenses and fashion designs, target a market of consumers who appreciate quality.

In addition to looking good, Bill Bass offer superior vision through quality lenses that protect against the harsh environment by providing 100% protection against harmful UV radiation.

This year Bill Bass has released its largest range of prescriptable sunglasses. This makes Bill Bass a range that is essential for every optometrist looking for the opportunity to supply the finest quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

The Wayfarer frame from Bill Bass is a fashion-forward frame for summer. The on-trend tortoiseshell paired with strategic white detailing brings a contemporary feel to a classic wayfarer-style frame. Designed in Italy and with polarised lenses, these sunglasses are sure to be a must-have for Australasian girls this season. The frames are prescriptable.

RRP: $99.00

Given the high quality, Bill Bass sunglasses come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty against faulty workmanship.


  • Hand made
  • Italian style acetate
  • Hand-made Italian acetate (known as the worlds finest).
  • Wire core temples to allow adjustment once heated.
  • European spring temples to resist frame distortion.


  • Optical quality.
  • Made of Monel for durability and strength.
  • Low allergenic.
  • Epoxy resin coating for scratch resistance.
  • Split hinges suitable for prescription lenses


  • All Bill Bass lenses give 100% harmful UV block.


  • Block 100% of horizontally reflected glare especially for on the water or driving.
  • Scratch resistant coating.


  • Superior optical quality when compared to other cheaper plastic lenses



Bill Bass Wayfarer 1


Congratulations …. Nicola Lucas!!!  We have emailed you Nicola, thanks to everyone who entered!!

If you would like to go into the draw to win yourself a pair of Bill Bass Wayfarers, simply comment below this post and tell me why you’d like to win.

I will choose the winner when the competition closes on Monday the 23rd of December at 10.00 am.

Winner will be contacted by email, and announced here on this post.

Competition is open to New Zealand residents only.

If the prize is not claimed within 1 week of being drawn, LDM reserves the right to redraw the competition.

Good luck everyone!

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Comments (99)

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  1. Nikki S says:

    Because they are cool and I need some cool in my life at the moment

  2. Catherine R says:

    I would love a new pair of sunnies, my 16month old broke mine.

  3. Claire says:

    I would love to win these, gift them to someone special as she never stops to consider treating herself!

  4. Windsurfergirl says:

    I don’t own a pair of sunglasses haven’t for ages and keep getting told off I will ruin my eyes so this would be amazing to win!

  5. Jessica Tasker says:

    Oooo I love them!! My Maui Jim Sunnies just smashed the other week $10 sunnies just arn’t saving my eyes!!

  6. Melanie Field says:

    Besides been amazingly made glasses I would love to finally own decent glasses that are not from the $2 shop or glasses that keep getting caught in my hair!!

  7. Lisa says:

    Because my prescription sunnies broke last weekend and I can’t afford to buy new frames!!

  8. Kerryn lamont says:

    I would love to win, my sunnies are very cheap and probably have no protection!

  9. david bussey says:

    would love to win these for my partner. her last pair broke so i know she would love these !

  10. Lyn Maree says:

    Oh of course I’d love to win, it’s summertime now, who doesn’t want some cool sunglasses! Perfect style, good quality, what more could you want.

  11. Christine Dixon says:

    My old sunny’s are naughty the eye glass keeps popping out 🙁
    Need some new strong quality ones 🙂
    *˛°.˛*.˛°˛.*★8 Days to ★* 。*˛.
    * .˛。. ✈️˛.*.★* Christmas*★ 。* 🙂
    ..*.*.˛_Π___. ˛* ˛* 🙂

  12. Kelly says:

    I’d love to win these! For the past 7 years I’ve had to buy cheap sunnies due to kids breaking/me dropping them while holding children etc. But now that they are older I can finally have some decent ones!

  13. Tasma says:

    My 5mth old is waking 2hrly and my 2yo starts the day at 5am….I need something classy like these to cover my bags!!

  14. Melissa Jack says:

    I never go anywhere without my sunnies and these are perfect!

  15. Candice says:

    I’d like to win these for my eyes. My eyes have served me well over the last 30 years but they need glasses like this to make sure they last another 30 years!!

  16. Sophie Hollands says:

    I would love some of these as I just broke my $10 ones, so am in need of some classy ones for my holiday in Australia 🙂

  17. Sara Norman says:

    My kids have broken my sunglasses to these would be perfect to replace them.

  18. Lynne Krebs says:

    These would be perfect to wear down at my daughters farm at Christmas. They are so classy!

  19. Brenda Meech says:

    I don’t own any kind of sunnies at all since some nice person relieved me of them, I would certainly put my hand up for some Bill Bass Wayfarers & they would be on a chain this time!

  20. Jay Louise says:

    I would love to win because i broke my gucci sunglasses. They fell off my head onto tiles and shattered. These are gorgeous and i absolutely adore tortoise shell sunglasses. Would be so happy to win these beauties <3

  21. Ashley Montgomery says:

    I would love a pair of Bill Bass Wayfarers as they would look much nicer than my cheap broken pair I currently have 🙂

  22. Tania Pearson says:

    Would love to win as master four got hold of my fav peer and it did not end well

  23. Miriam van Dijk says:

    Its so hard to find decent fashionable sunglasses, but these babies would pretty much go with everything & they are just stunning!

    thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a pair 🙂

  24. Andrea Kelly says:

    I have always loved the tortoiseshell frame. It suits my colouring. Protecting my eyes from the harsh summer sun is also important to me. Bill Bass is a brand I know I can trust.

  25. Amelia Chambers says:

    I’d love to win, I need a bit of Christmas cheer and this would do nicely. Especially since they’ll take the glare of the lake when I go on holiday soon 🙂

  26. Miriam Gopperth says:

    Would love to win a pair for summer, my current sunnies are rather scratched 🙂

  27. Charmaine Willis-Croft says:

    Would be amazing to wear some glasses that aren’t from the $2 shop!

  28. Cushla says:

    Be nice to have a proper pair of sunglasses!!

  29. Alexandra Holmes says:

    Wow! Awesome! Love them! I don’t own a pair of sunglasses, so this would be the best christmas present! 🙂

  30. Gemma says:

    New sunnies would make my Christmas as my ones are very early 2000s style ha ha

  31. Kelsey Feisst says:

    I would LOVE to win these Bill Bass Sunnys, they look perfect for every occasion and I think I could even see my boyfriend borrowing them as well! I would love these to take away on New Years with me. They would keep the glare out of my eyes during car rides 🙂

  32. Cara Thompson says:

    I would absolutely love to win these!!, I don’t have any sunglasses – had a pair, but they were too big so my other half got them (they were unisex) Will keep my fingers & toes crossed like a freak thanks 🙂

  33. Olivia Wallbank says:

    Id so love to win these gorgeous Billbass sunnies because my current ones are so scratched from my little fullas getting their little mitts on them and I can barely see out of them hehe. Oh the joys of pre schoolers!

  34. stacey smith says:

    I have never owned a great pair of sunnies in my life so think it’s time I had some over $10 lol

  35. Abbie says:

    I would love a new pair of sunnies to make me feel better- could use some cheering up!! 🙂

  36. Chelsea Watt says:

    I would love another pair of sunnies because my pair never seem to be around when I need them lol. I end up squinting in the sun. If I won these gorgeous sunnies I could have one pair in the car and one in the house. Then I’d always have a pair close on hand!

  37. Rachel says:

    I’m desperate for a fashionable new pair of sunnies. Mine are so dated it’s embarrassing wearing them these days.

  38. Emily says:

    Because I’ve never owned any sunnies apart from cheapies that I have to rebuy each season, these would be lovely and would be better than no protection at all this summer plus look stylish

  39. Kirsten says:

    I would love to win as my Sunglasses have not been the same since the dog took them out of my bag and had a little chew on them!!!!

  40. Sonia Paton says:

    Would love some decent sunnies, especially for out on the water!

  41. Theresa says:

    Just what I need for Xmas,it’s hot today in hawkes bay

  42. Kristie Watson says:

    I would love to win some real sunglasses, I’ve only ever had el-cheapo sunglasses from the $1 stores.

  43. Karen says:

    My daughter sat on my sunglasses! 🙁 They now are in 2 pieces 🙁

  44. Mere says:

    Oh I would love these! They look like they would go with every outfit and be perfect for the beach 🙂

  45. Nicola Booker says:

    Ohh how I love the Bill Bass almost look of these sunnies. I need new ones as mine have broken but I cant seem to find a style that I like on me. These would be perfect! Not too big and oh so stylish 🙂

  46. KristinF says:

    I’ve just realised my old sunglasses are crooked! Would love a new pair for summer!

  47. Carole says:

    I would love to win these to give to my hard working daughter who has just been accepted for honours at uni,I’m thinking she deserves something special,she loves sunnies.

  48. An Bo says:

    I’d love to win these Bill Bass sunnies as mine recently broke when I got a frisbee in the face.

  49. Maria Boyd says:

    Would love these my 2 year old has scratched my sunglasses.

  50. susan says:

    I’d like them as a present for my partner be awesome

  51. Tara says:

    I would like to win because I lost my sunnies in the surf while helping out on a school trip – saved the kid, but lost the sunnies!

  52. Jo says:

    These look really stylie! I always have to wear sunglasses, very sensitive to the sun ate my eyes. I would love to own a pair if these! 🙂

  53. Tracey Pinny says:

    Seriously in need for some new sunglasses and adore the look of these.

  54. Karla Byrnes says:

    I would love a new pair of sunnies as my current ones are in desperate need of replacing, I must stop using them as a head band!

  55. Anita E says:

    All my life i have only ever had cheap plastic sunnies that warp in the sun or break with the slightest touch. Would love to own my first pair of ‘real’ sunnies.

  56. Melissa K says:

    I’d love to win these as I only have budgo gas station sunnies. The lenses keep popping out of my frames and driving me bananas!

  57. Gary says:

    As my wife would look hot in them as well as very cool:)

  58. Rochelle m says:

    Help me keep the wrinkles away… No squinting 🙂

  59. Jane M says:

    I had a glam pair of sunnies, and the other day someone hugged me and they fell off and broke.. so now I dont feel that glam 🙁

  60. Chrissie M says:

    I’ve always had budget sunglasses and these glasses will go with everything – I would love uber flash in them!

  61. Monica Malhotra says:

    They would be very handy for the summer and better protection then my current sunnies.

  62. Kris van de Water says:

    I would love to win these for my mother. Slight payback for everything she has done for me over the years.

  63. Aimee says:

    I have light sensitivity so summer can always be a bit of a nightmare. I’m on a student budget so have a $9 pair from Briscoes that look nice but have no real sun protection. These would be fabulous to wear this summer x

  64. lin lee says:

    I will use them at the beach

  65. Amy K says:

    I would like to win these as I don’t have a pair of sunglasses.

  66. dynamic1 says:

    Wearing super cool kill Bill sunglasses . I love wearing sunglasses and Billy does build great sunnies . Thank you Bill Bass

  67. Margaret Kennedy says:

    Would love some decent sunnies as my young children broke my last pair!

  68. Helen Hill says:

    Loving the look of these sunglasses! Would seriously love to win as I don’t have a decent pair and I wear contact lenses and need good protection for my eyes from the glaring sun. Thanks!

  69. bren says:

    I would love to win these lovely glasses. My sunglasses are always hand me down and winning these so benefit my eye health.

  70. Vicki O says:

    I’d love a new pair of sunnies, as my old pair has fallen to bits. I’ll be outside a lot over the summer months, and would appreciate the eye protection these sunglasses will give. They look very stylish too!

  71. Kasey potter says:

    I would love these they look super gorgeous! i travel to work most days so having a decent pair of sunnies would be great!

  72. Jean Britt says:

    Iwould love to win these because I like to protect my eyes, and my old glasses are a bit scratched.

  73. Kendra says:

    I need my first pair of wayfarer’s (and first pair of sunnies worth more than $30) for Christmas. Well, okay—maybe not neeeed—but it would certainly make my day!

  74. Vicky Marshall says:

    Totally love these, far nicer than my scratched cheap jobs (can’t see when I am driving!)

  75. Amanda says:

    Awesome summer essential that will complete any summer/holiday outfit!

  76. Janelle says:

    Would love a new pair of sunnies as my old ones are getting pretty tired now. These are gorgeous!

  77. Jessica says:

    I would love to win because those glasses are way better than mine my glasses are ugly. Thank you xx

  78. Nalda says:

    Would love to win these Bill Bass sunnies to protect my eyes from the amazing NZ summer sunshine

  79. Abbie McKinlay says:

    I NEED a new pair of sunnies and these look awesome!! My toddler has scratched and destroyed my glasses!

  80. Loren says:

    I am feeling like a real frumpy mummy at the moment and really need to bring some cool back into my style. These could definitely do the trick.

  81. Belinda says:

    I’ve been told that my eyes have sun damage from not wearing sunglasses so would like to give these Bill Bass Wayfarers a test out. I’m not used to wearing sunglasses, but the Optometrists eye test has made me more aware of saving my eyesight as I’m still young.

  82. Nicola Lucas says:

    Because they are really cool! And I haven’t had a pair of expensive glasses in years – kids always seem to knock them, scratch them or bump them off your head so they break on the ground! Pretty please!

  83. Theresa Pieterse says:

    I would absolutely love to win these. After a big clean out of a wardrobe I have decided that If I buy anything new in 2014 I must absolutely love it, must fit right and sit perfectly. These tick all the boxes but it will be better because they are a prize. Will make my Christmas perfect.

  84. Louise says:

    It would be great to have a good pair of sunglasses, and these Bill Bass Wayfarers sound fantastic, perfect to protect my eyes which already suffer from sun damage.

  85. Katherine T says:

    These are the coolest sunnies! They are perfect for covering up “hungover” and “toddler hasn’t slept” eyes, and I would love a pair that actually shield my eyes from the sun AND look good at the same time! I’m done with cheap and nasties that break too easily or scratch. Wayfarers are top of my Christmas list!

  86. Maree McWha says:

    I’d like to win because I am feeling rather blue right now.. boyfriend is overseas for work and I have no family here to spend Xmas with.. 🙁

  87. Ck Smith says:

    just got contacts so can now wear non prescription sunnies and see, love Bill Bass Wayfarers

  88. Teresa H says:

    I need to hide my sad hayfevery eyes!
    And these are hot.

  89. Julie McDonald says:

    I don’t own sunglasses so would love to win

  90. theresa te whaiti says:

    I didn’t realise how important it was to wear sunglasses until recently when my mum saw a specialist as a result of losing vision from sun damage. he told her the importance of wearing good quality glasses.

  91. Natalie Dick says:

    My current pair are Bill Bass but they are like 15 years old (great quality lasts!) and are a tad scratched and “horrors” a weird lavender colour – very fashionable in their time! Would love to update to a new modern scratch free pair 🙂

  92. Sarah says:

    Because I’m greedy and they’re awesome! 🙂

  93. Sarah Blair says:

    I’d love a pair of sunnies as I am tired of having headaches from squinting into the sun!!

  94. Lisa W says:

    Mine just broke 🙁 so I would love to win some, while mine were only cheap that were all that had & being Christmas time I can’t afford some more so wining these for summer would be fantastic!

  95. Erin K says:

    I would really love to win these for my mum for Christmas, she doesn’t have a decent pair of sunglasses she always has the cheap $20 pairs. I would love to win her a pair so that her eyes are protected well from the sun and at the same time being super trendy in these fabulous glasses. Fingers and toes crossed, many thanks

  96. Charlotte Matthews says:

    I’m in need of a pair just like these. All my glasses have been second hand and it would be amazing to have a pair that is new for once. Plus I would pay it forward by giving my pair away that I have now to someone who needs a pair. 🙂

  97. Ange Beaumont says:

    Wow these look awesome!! They would make a nice change from the boring black pair of glasses I bought cheaply at a market a few years ago 🙂

  98. Tania Brown says:

    Would love a new pair of sunglasses – my current ones wee screw keeps popping up and I have to tighten it with a sharp knife – don’t think they are going to last for the rest of summer 🙁

  99. Cara Thompson says:

    I would love to win them!! My eyes are wrinly like an old lady – i’m old, but not that old lol. Don’t have any sunnies & have always loved Wayfarers, I’m too much of a Westie ;o) Thanks 🙂

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